Update at last!

So, I have been feeling much better, and am hoping to get back to a more regular schedule with stories soon!

There will be a brief period of time upcoming in August where I will hopefully be going on vacation– AGAIN– and maybe this time I’ll actually get there and not spend it in the hospital. My parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, so I’ll be out of state to join them and the rest of the family.

Now, for more blog-centric items:

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Writing has been a little difficult for me recently, due to all these real life distractions, but @neonthebright and @borrowedtimeandspace have been wonderfully patient. We are still working on the stories, and I hope the pace will be picking up now that I’m in a better place.

As for when posting resumes, I think I am going to shoot for mid August, after I return from vacation with my family. Brothers Apart and Brothers Lost will be in the poll coming up, and hopefully we’ll also have some Consulted showing up with them!

I also bought a cool book on superstitions recently, so I’ll be reading that for possible future ideas 😉

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, feel free to send in an ask!


The contest is complete, and I will be reviewing the entries throughout the week! Listed below are the entries I received, if you DO NOT SEE YOUR ENTRY ON THE LIST, please send me a message within the week so I can add it.


On the Shorter Side

by Misha_McCarthy

Mallory Watch

by @bellalocawherehaveyoubeen

Angry Bowman

by @bellalocawherehaveyoubeen

Post Hunt Celebration

by Jetx43682

Bacon and Cold Chills

by @neonwrite

Bacon and Cold Chills will not be included in the poll as @neonthebright has withdrawn it from consideration, but please be sure to check out the conclusion to Oscar’s heartwarming story throughout all the years we’ve had this contest running!

Again, if there are other entries I missed, please let me know.

Future Things in BC

anonymous  asked:

Will Sam ever meet Mycroft in BC?

It’s not going to be for a long, long time, but yes! We do have plans where Sam will also have the chance to meet Mycroft!

Stan Baker is the agent that they’re going to be in contact with most often, and will be doing the legwork when it comes to any jobs Mycroft has, but we will see Mycroft himself returning in the future. We have quite a bit of the story for BC plotted out, the main task now is actually getting it written down and edited up for posting. Things are getting easier now that @borrowedtimeandspace has graduated college, we’re hoping to hop back into this.

It’s quite fun to put these characters from Supernatural and Sherlock in the same rooms with each other, we’re never quite sure exactly how they’ll react!

Favorite story to write?

anonymous asked:

Hi I really just love your stories so much. This is just a question but what has been your favourite story writing and can you give us a list of all the OCs? There are some I’m not sure about and want to know if the person I’m thinking of is. And just keep up the good work your stories are the best.

@nightmares06– Oo, this is really hard, because they’re all so fun!

I think the one I had the MOST fun though, would have to be Jacob in Wonderland. We couldn’t wait to start, and once we started writing, it was one solid month (and a few days) before we stopped! That entire, enormous story was finished in that time, and every chapter was more fun than the last!

@neonwrite – I think my brain short circuits and reboots every time I try to think of an answer to this one. I’m really just always so happy when my cowriters are writing with me, so all the AUs and stories are fun for their own reasons. I do love any excuse to have Bowman in the mix, though.

@borrowedtimeandspace – Man, this is a tough question, like choosing between your kids. All the stories are a blast to write! I’m the type of person that has a hard time picking favorites, usually whatever I experienced most recently ends up being my ‘favorite’ for the moment. I seriously feel like whatever story I’m writing with either of my cowriters is my favorite, because we’re making it together and it’s all so exciting and fun.

All three writers have their own separate characters, so I’ll list them below. You can also find this list in our FAQ!


Nixie, Ilyana, Celeste (problematic fave), Walt Watch, Mallory Watch, Briella Watch, Moira Wainscot, Krissy Vent, Sean, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Mikael Foyer, Adriana, Noonia and Elenia. 


Bowman, Jacob Andris, Oscar, Rischa, Cerul, Scar, Vel, (any of the wood sprites, basically), Colfax and Adrian (better prompted at @alittleblogoftrust ), Asp the shadow sprite, Indigo Seraf


Zepheera is my main OC, Stan Baker, Simon Baker, Nathan Sullivan, and a bunch of borrower bbys: Kernel, Orrick Shelf, Boston Mantel, Baycliff, Klerida, Marcue Overmantle.