A World of Secrets

(Story 1 of the Brothers Unexpected series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonwrite

After being attacked, Sam wakes up in a dark place, surrounded by strangers. He escapes them only to find that his life won’t be going back to normal any time soon…

Characters: Sam Winchester, Walt Watch, Jacob Andris, Mariana Andris, Nicholas Andris, Dean Winchester

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Artwork by @creatorofuniverses!

Who’s your favorite?

anonymous  asked:

Who is your favourite character?

It’s impossible to choose! I can’t even pick a favorite Winchester; I love them both for different reasons!

Since it’s pretty obvious I love my supernatural characters, since I’m always writing them, I’ll just touch on the OCs that come to mind:

Jacob is an absolute sweetheart, he reminds me so much of my own husband. Tol and gentle, very hard to piss off. He needs a few bops, but always takes scoldings from the smols to heart (once he figures out they’re not joking around with him during initial encounters).

Oscar is just such a wee bean, he needs all the food and hugs and mousies there are. Give him a sandwich and some pie, stat. And as mild as he is, he still pulls through for them, the bravest lil guy around.

Walt was such a surprise of a character, considering initial plans were that he didn’t survive the first story. Here he is, telling off giants in multiple AUs, and being the best borrower dad around.

Stan’s such great fun. He and Dean were just meant to be best friends from the start. I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with him in them!

Chase is an absolute spaz 😉


To-Do List

So that I don’t lose track of planned updates to this site, I’m creating a to do list here!

If there’s anything not on the list that you might want to see in the future, please leave a comment or send me a message, and I’ll see what I can do to add it at a future date.

Planned updates:

  • Adding the new fanfictions from the 2019 contest to the Fanfiction page.
  • Create a post for A Burglary at Baker Street on WordPress, which was overlooked when that story posted.
  • Possibly create posts for the previous contests, so all entries can be seen in one place.

There’s a possibility that story excerpts will be returning, but they won’t be daily and will depend on if @nightmares06 has free time available coming up. Nothing is set in stone just yet.

The survey for the next story to post will be starting later today (7/25/19), so keep an eye open for that link to post!

Favorite story to write?

anonymous asked:

Hi I really just love your stories so much. This is just a question but what has been your favourite story writing and can you give us a list of all the OCs? There are some I’m not sure about and want to know if the person I’m thinking of is. And just keep up the good work your stories are the best.

@nightmares06– Oo, this is really hard, because they’re all so fun!

I think the one I had the MOST fun though, would have to be Jacob in Wonderland. We couldn’t wait to start, and once we started writing, it was one solid month (and a few days) before we stopped! That entire, enormous story was finished in that time, and every chapter was more fun than the last!

@neonwrite – I think my brain short circuits and reboots every time I try to think of an answer to this one. I’m really just always so happy when my cowriters are writing with me, so all the AUs and stories are fun for their own reasons. I do love any excuse to have Bowman in the mix, though.

@borrowedtimeandspace – Man, this is a tough question, like choosing between your kids. All the stories are a blast to write! I’m the type of person that has a hard time picking favorites, usually whatever I experienced most recently ends up being my ‘favorite’ for the moment. I seriously feel like whatever story I’m writing with either of my cowriters is my favorite, because we’re making it together and it’s all so exciting and fun.

All three writers have their own separate characters, so I’ll list them below. You can also find this list in our FAQ!


Nixie, Ilyana, Celeste (problematic fave), Walt Watch, Mallory Watch, Briella Watch, Moira Wainscot, Krissy Vent, Sean, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Mikael Foyer, Adriana, Noonia and Elenia. 


Bowman, Jacob Andris, Oscar, Rischa, Cerul, Scar, Vel, (any of the wood sprites, basically), Colfax and Adrian (better prompted at @alittleblogoftrust ), Asp the shadow sprite, Indigo Seraf


Zepheera is my main OC, Stan Baker, Simon Baker, Nathan Sullivan, and a bunch of borrower bbys: Kernel, Orrick Shelf, Boston Mantel, Baycliff, Klerida, Marcue Overmantle.

The future of Brothers Saved

CatSparr asked:

I saw that you were planning to do some more work on Brothers Saved and you were asking for prompts, so… I’ve been curious to see John and Dean interact. Usually Dean stands up to him, but at his new size , would he? Could he? Would Sam step in? 

@nightmares06– Actually, there’s going to be a lot said on this subject!

The major overriding factor of how Dean grows up at this size is going to be how he deals with his family.

He’s very used to being the older brother, and therefore in charge of Sammy. Never in his life has his dad expected anything but perfection of him, and he’s taken Sam’s care to heart. Sometimes to the point where Dean suffers to make sure that Sam gets what he needs.

The fact is that John Winchester won’t consider Dean able to handle himself anymore, strictly because of his size, will certainly be a sore spot between them, and Sam will find himself stuck in the middle of them, watching his older brother who he still looks up to, suffer under their dad’s disapproval.

You can find a peek of this future here.

So you will see lots of this, I promise! I’m hoping to get through the early years of Brothers Saved soon so that we can see this develop between the three Winchesters!

Contest extension

Hello all!

With several people needing a bit more time for their entries due to real life and school, the contest has been extended to April 27th 2019!

Please remember to let me know if there are any more problems with finishing up entries by that time, because we all know school is important and we don’t want anyone missing assignments!

All contest entries posted so far can be found here!

Please remember to send @nightmares06 a message if you can’t find your entry there. There is a chance I missed a notification or never received one in the first place, so don’t rely on that if you’re entering into the contest!

Survey replies

For everyone who might have missed it, we have a survey open to everyone about the future of Brothers Apart. Feel free to weigh in if you’re a fan of the series!

Here are all our current replies, and more will be added if we get more in:

I’m looking forward to seeing more Sam and Dean interact as the different sizes. I love learning about the curse and seeing how the brothers cope no matter what is thrown their way! (So nothing specific, but more of what you do best!!) 

@nightmares06– I love you, never leave.

Castiel’s involvement! 

@nightmares06– Castiel will certainly be showing up more in the Brothers Apart AU, and he’s also slated to appear in at least one other (that I remember!)

And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out @neonwrite‘s Quiet as a Mouse, which has Castiel and Oscar meet in the canon SPN format! Its sequel, Beggars Can’t Be Choosers also features the Winchesters showing up to bother the tiny lil borrower of the motel. If we get lucky and give the story some love, maybe @neonwrite will continue this lil spin-off AU!

More Brothers Together! Please! 

@nightmares06– We definitely have ideas for this AU! Let us know what you might want to see out of the BT verse!

Anything you can give me honestly. 

@nightmares06– Stuff is on the way ASAP. 

Some more awesomeness with awesome people 

@nightmares06– You’re a hero to me

I want to see more of the original characters, like the Borrowers, Jacob, the Sprites… 

@nightmares06– :3 Yes to all of this

@neonwrite– And I want to let you know that you warmed up my poor lil heart with this one, as the cowriter on the blog with exclusively OCs to offer. Thank you so much! I’m excited to get as many of my characters involved as will be allowed ❤

More compelling AUs with our fav characters 🙂 

@nightmares06– Plenty more on the way on all fronts 😉

Season three of brothers apart 

@nightmares06– For Science is getting edited while we post Burglary and the next story, and the story afterwards is under construction!

Also did I mention that I’ve been fiddling around with the themes that’ll be in the final Brothers Apart story? Yep, some of that has been written out and will be helping to tie the stories all together. 

Season 3 will be the third and final Brothers Apart season, but don’t fear! The other AUs will not end with it.

Jack? Castiel? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

@nightmares06– Cas yes, Jack’s existence is just so contrived and complicated from where BA stands on the Supernatural timeline that he probably won’t ever show up in the series, but maybe in a random short story sometime! I need some inspiration for it, haven’t gotten any just yet.

Anything that is as awesome as what you already do. 

@nightmares06– You’re all making me feel so fluffy inside!

Just keep doing what you’re doing! All your stuff is awesome and I will enjoy anything and everything that’s made 

@nightmares06– We will for sure! So many plans and stories, so little time.

I really loved Jacob in Wonderland as well as the brief scene where Celeste was making Dean grow. I think there’s a lot of cool potential with more size shifting or more extreme size differences and would love to see that explored more 🙂 

@nightmares06– We have a few different style AU ideas on the way, either in the planning stages, or just starting out with writing! Size shifting and size swaps, you’ll be seeing a bunch of this! (Extreme size differences will show up again, but we try and handle this one carefully, like in the extra smol Jacob AU).

@neonwrite– Extreme size difference is definitely a different challenge! It’s fun to figure out how interactions would change, especially when in some cases they’re impossible or extremely unsafe.

Hm, I’m not sure exactly.. I absolutely love your stories of brothers apart and all of it’s amazing AUs! I have to say I really loved your sort of take on an Alice in wonderland theme with Jacob! Maybe some other sort of stories like that could come into play as well?? Like.. maybe various other fairy tales into some aus?? 

@nightmares06– I had a lot of fun with the Alice in Wonderland/Super Mario Bros spin that was on that story! What kind of fairy tales are you thinking about for us to touch on with these stories? 

@neonwrite– Jacob is wary of this suggestion, haha. We definitely enjoyed figuring out how to apply a classic tale to an AU, and it probably won’t be the last time. Definitely interested in hearing which stories people would want to see!

Danger for the smalls! 

@nightmares06– Oh dear, someone tell Oscar to hide, quick.

jacob, Sprite, body/mind Swapping

@nightmares06– Jacob won’t know what hit him if he suddenly sprouts wings. What would Bowman do if he suddenly had none

@neonwrite– Oh lord. Bowman would be so miffed about a situation like this, and it’s already been established that he’s not very good at being the tol one. He’d miss his wings so badly, and poor Jacob wouldn’t have any of the coordination he’d need to properly use them. They’d be such a mess and would HAVE to call the brothers in for help.

Smol Oscar with the 221B gang 

@nightmares06– Ah! He’s so wee! 

@neonwrite– Oh gosh! Such a timid little guy up against one of the oddest pairs of humans around. On one hand you have Sherlock, who would intimidate the HECK out of someone like Oscar, and then there’s John, who would probably endear himself to the little guy very quickly. I think they could all get along, somehow. So long as they don’t take his stammering personally.

Definitely more of the brothers together Series. IT Would Also Be Cool To See SOME MORE Of Giant Dean. And maybe even Sammy getting a day off from his curse lol 

@nightmares06– We’ll have to get working on our Brothers Together ideas again! Maybe if I have time this summer, when things calm down, I can do some more prompts for that AU and flesh out Sam and Dean’s time together growing up.

Giant Dean 😉

The future certainly holds a lot for smol Sam, whether his curse is cured at the end or not!

Honestly I’m great with whatever you guys roll out, you’re amazing and you should know it. Maybe go get yourself some food, anyway I’d maybe like more AUs, like in your sneak peaks there’s a downsized jacob who was found by his family and a dean breaking into his house. 

@nightmares06– How’d you know @neonwrite had trouble remembering to feed herself? Neon, show them the sign you have now!

(also we are pretty pumped for that cute/stress story of Dean and Jacob for sure, I’ll have to go make sure it’s on the top of the ‘need editing’ list!)

@neonwrite–  >.>  I’ve been called out. It’s true that I have a sign over my computer to remind me to go eat every day.

(You’ve also reminded me that I have some work to do on that particular AU to make sure it’s ready. Thanks!)

More Bowman and Jacob interacting with the Winchesters! 

@nightmares06– You bet! There’s plenty more on the way!

In fact, For Science is the first time that Dean and Jacob will meet face-to-face in Brothers Apart! How badly can that first meeting go when they’re both at the same size?!

@neonwrite– It can’t be worse than their first meeting in Brothers Found, in which Dean punched Jacob right to the ground. The kid was wondering how beat up he might be by the end of it. Now they’re best buds!

(That poor kid)

TBH I’m very behind on reading all your stories, and probably won’t make any headway on catching up til school lets out. But one thing I always love is a good snark-off between a tol and a smol, such as when Dean and Bowman newly met in Bothering Bowman. Also Bowman in general. He’s great. 

@nightmares06– No worries about being behind! They’ll be there waiting for you when school ends, and we hope to hear what you thought of them when you get the chance!

Dean and Bowman will snark to the moon and back if they’re left to their own devices, that’s for sure.

@neonwrite– Bowman does his best to be as contrary as he can. Especially to humans like Dean. Without a doubt, Bothering Bowman is NOT the last we will see of those two bickering. Thanks so much for this!

More appearances from sean 

@nightmares06– Aww, the shy little sweetie! He’d be so flustered to know he has fans out here!

I still am huge trash for big bro Dean and lil lil bro Sam!! Anything with them, hanging with Jacob and bowman will always be a favourite! C: 

@nightmares06– The original pair, and always such a fun size combination! You bet we’ll be seeing lots more of them and Jacob/Bowman!

more of the og duo- just sam and dean 

@nightmares06– Well, these two will be featured in every story, and there are certainly a few left in BA with just them, but we’ll always have other characters appearing with them, either as main characters or guest appearances, because it’s fun to have some variety!

Giant Sam 

@nightmares06– Maybe one day! I know there’s the size-shifter Sam AU that I scribbled out for @torchmlp, but I haven’t had any ideas for Giant!Sam specifically.

If you’re interested, @smolstiel has some giant!Sam stories and drabbles, I recommend checking them out (I’m Not Laughing and The Time Sammy Was the Statue of Liberty ). This blog is mostly tiny!AUs, very few visits to giant!storylines.

Hi! (Off note) I fraking love your blog and stories. (On note) I was just wondering what stories are in the works? I’m super pumped for the first and wanted to know what I should be expecting. Thanks for the writings!

We probably answered this before, but now is as good a time as any for an update!

Brothers Apart– Season 3 has the first story written, but it needs editing and some TLC before it’ll be ready to post. The second story is half-done, and the third is in the idea stage, with a three-part special story chain that will end with quite an interesting twist!

Brothers Lost– We’ve found where the conclusion of season 1 will be! This AU will pull in several characters that our readers might recognize both from our other stories, Supernatural episodes, and some unique OCs that will appear for the first time in BL! Two additional stories are ready for posting now, several others need to be edited and beta’d, and we’re currently writing our way through the Season 1 finale, which we have not had the chance to excerpt! Keep your eyes open for #trtn when it begins to post.

Brothers Consulted– The next story will be posting at the start of the new year :3 We have several stories written, most need editing. Planned seasons for this series will be shorter, just like on the Sherlock TV show, but they’ll be full of action!

Brothers Asunder– Several more stories are complete past Dean of Nowhere, but they need to be edited and beta’d. Many plans are in the works for this AU starring @neonthebright ​‘s sprites.

Brothers Adopted– One more story is completed but needs to be edited and beta’d. Other ideas are in the works to continue the storyline and take it in a very unexpected direction.

Brothers Found– This story will take the very frazzled group back to the Wellwood in the next edition and will pull in a very familiar hunter for those who have read Bowman of Wellwood! After that, there is one more story under construction, but it’s currently on hold while we write other AUs.

Brothers Chosen– The first two stories for this series are finished and waiting to be edited. We also are holding off on posting these until Stan Baker debuts in Brothers Consulted. More stories are planned to follow Stan’s path now that he’s with the Winchesters.

Brothers Discovered– The first story is 50% finished and currently on hold, but there are many plans for this young and adorable crew, and Stan Baker will also be joining up as a kiddo!

Brothers Divided– Two stories are written and need to be edited and beta’d. I know @creatorofuniverses is waiting for her chance to dive at this story after the teasers we’ve put out…

Brothers Grounded– Since this is a bit of an AU for messing around in, we don’t have any completed stories, but there are a few more chapters of fun, and we do plan on jumping back on it once we’ve caught up on some of our other backlogged plans! It’s fun playing around with a Brothers-Lost style Sam and Dean with @neonthebright ​‘s canon storyline.

Brothers Kept– We’re only on the first story, but we’ve also constructed the backbone of the AU, all the way through a storyline crafted for this particularly disturbing version of the BA-verse.

Brothers Remembered– Another AU where we’re working on the first story! We have definite Plans for this one, and a familiar face that some of our giant story readers will remember…

Brothers Saved– Ah, the AU that began as a prompt and grew from there! Both cowriters are interested in pursuing a storyline within this ‘verse, we just haven’t had time to start on the stories. There is another short that was written, and I’m in progress of writing a second as @torchmlp ​‘s contest prize from this year. 

Brothers Together– There is nothing written or in-progress for this AU currently, but we do have some ideas floating around, and of course at some point we’re going to need to show how Oscar did when he reached Bobby’s!

Brothers Unexpected– Two stories, two shorts, and a multitude of ideas! This is just waiting to be beta’d, and we fully expect stories from BU to show up in the next poll.

Brothers United– Half a story written, and lots planned for these poor dorks! Unfortunately, this is the story we were working on when writer’s block hit @nightmares06​ hard, so we put it on hiatus and tried to switch to other projects. Now that the ideas are beginning to flow again, we hope to return to it.

Giant Jacob storyline– There are plans in the works for a sequel, though all we have for it so far is a tagline written out…

We have several more unannounced AUs under construction, and are constantly coming up with more ideas! Feel free to send us in your ideas/headcanons/asks, you never know what might happen!