Brothers Asunder

Angry with how her plans keep falling through, Celeste tosses Sam deep into the wilderness, where a certain group of sprites take the young child in and raise him as their own…

Series cowritten by the lovely @neonthewrite

Sam of Wellwood

After having her plans thwarted so often by Dean Winchester, Celeste decides to up the stakes in her newest attempt, this time not even trying to curse the older Winchester. Instead, she removes him from the equation completely and sends Sam far, far away.

Into a forest where a certain familiar village resides, out of sight and out of mind.

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Dean of Nowhere

A man without a home. A hunter without a family.

Dean Winchester comes from nothing and lives for no one, but dedicated his life to saving people in need. Now, an unexpected attack on two campers by one of their best friends draws Dean to Wellwood forest, towards an unexpected reunion.

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Bobby of Far Away 

Sam’s missing. Dean’s injured.

A simple hunt for a demon has gone south. Despite sending the demon back to hell with assistance from Bobby Singer, the revelation has come that Scar Wolfblind and Sam Winchester have gone missing. Dean, Jacob and Bowman are left to unravel the tangled threads of this case to discover the real culprit, and bring the wayward knights home to Wellwood.

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Artwork by @jennilah! ( @ask-tinycas )