Brothers Lost

Series cowritten by the lovely @neonthewrite

The Road Not Taken

Saving people. Hunting things.

It was what they were supposed to do. Who they were supposed to be. Instead, that life was stolen from them by a witch and a curse in childhood, stripped away and replaced by one goal:


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The Water’s Fine

Saving people, hunting things. Sam and Dean grew up on those words and now, over a decade after being cursed to live out their lives at a fraction of their height, Jacob Andris will help them live up to their destiny.

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There’s No Place Like Home

The newly-minted team of hunters runs into some downtime between cases. Sam and Dean Winchester, cursed to live at a fraction of their original height, agree to a new trip with Jacob; this time on the road home to reassure his mom he’s still alive and kicking.

An uninvited guest throws this family reunion into a mess, and suddenly Jacob’s left alone to piece together what happened…

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A Time To Heal

Sam’s arm might be broken, but this Winchester won’t let it hold him back! That is, if Dean ever stops fussing over him long enough to sneak out of the walls for some fresh air.

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Side stories of Brothers Lost:

Bowman Lost

Story written by the lovely @neonthewrite

An AU to explore what might happen if Bowman was caught not by Jacob Andris, but by another human. Something tells me he would much prefer Jacob right about now.

This story will one day become a part of Brothers Lost.

Short stories of Brothers Lost:

A Good Hunter 
Waking Up Tired 

Short stories inspired by Brothers Lost:

A Ghost from the Past (11 x 17)

Story written by @nightmares06

A familiar face comes to visit Sam when he’s lying on Death’s door, only he’s looking a little… shorter than normal.

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Artwork by @mogadeer