Brothers Consulted

A storyline that started out as an impulsive crack story about Dean encountering Sherlock Holmes that turned into a whole lot more…

Series cowritten by the lovely @borrowedtimeandspace

The Study of the Four

Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business

Over a decade ago, a series of unfortunate events led to the Winchesters, at only a few inches in height, being forcibly relocated to London. Now, they’ve adjusted to their size and found a new home to live in that just happens to be the same residence of a certain detective and his blogger…

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A Burglary at Baker Street

Sam and Dean Winchester have struck up a deal with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The brothers will offer their help solving cases, in return for living in the flat and sharing in the food John brings home.

This all sounds well and good, until it’s the Winchesters that end up needing Sherlock’s services for his next case… 

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Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts 

Sam has been rescued and 221B Baker Street has never had more visitors. The Winchesters and the Baker Street boys now have to deal with the aftermath of that harrowing day.

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Artwork by lamthetwickster

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