Brothers Together, the heartbreaking saga of friendship

A month has passed since Sam was cursed, and there’s no cure in sight. He and Dean are left on their own during one of John’s hunts to go to school and do their best to get by. After all this time, Sam’s no more used to being small than he was before, and when Dean catches an unexpected visitor he gets the chance to learn all about his new size. 


Sometimes, a story starts as the cutest and fluffiest AU possible, and then takes a turn for the worst. Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines was the first story in the BA multiverse to be a cliffhanger story, instead of just having a cliffhanger chapter, leaving the readers hanging for over a year before the next part posted.

Brothers Together was the first of this type, building up a relationship with a special OC to star in it (Oscar, who didn’t exist before neon created him for the 2015 contest). We’ve had people asking what part of Supernatural he’s from, and had to give them the sad news that he was never in the series. When a character gains this much life, you know a story about how he grew up alone is going to be heartbreaking. 

New readers beware! Brothers Together is not the story of sunshine and daisies that it appears to be at first glance!

Oddly enough, though Brothers Together posted before other stories, Brothers AdoptedLost and Found were created beforehand. 

Artwork by @purple-moondropgrapes

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