Hanging out in the lounge

Welcome to the AU lounge! A place of relaxation conceived and helped designed by all the readers and visitors to the world of Brothers Apart! Stay awhile, kick up your boots, and have some pie! 


One of the most out-of-this-world locations for Brothers Apart would be the AU lounge, an idea that would never have existed without the readers!

Run by our resident trickster, the AU lounge is actually a pocket dimension that Gabriel created. With the otherworldly element that keys into its existence, the Gabriel here is not directly connected to any of the worlds the stories are from. He does, however, know about the goings on inside of each of these worlds, courtesy of his other selves. Thanks to his archangel nature, he is able to see through the dimensions and occasionally exchange news with the other Gabriels. 

It’s debatable whether Dean and Jacob from the horror story universe would be comforted to know that this Gabriel isn’t the one they encountered, but is instead a second Gabriel.

Did the world really need a second.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster

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