Musical inspiration

Supernatural is known for its classic rock music that the Impala plays constantly, and in the tradition of the show, the writers of the BA stories also find inspiration in songs. The songs we use might not be the classic rock Dean likes, but the music does what it’s supposed to and inspires the stories.

Here are a few songs that inspired the stories of the past and coming stories of the future:

  • Paint it Black – Cover by Ciara — There’s no better song to get evil with than Paint it Black, and this song inspired a lot of the writing found in Celeste’s backstory, Birth of a Nightmare
  • Glad You Came — Definitely played a big part in the ending of the first Brothers Apart season, where it ended on a peaceful note between Sam and Bree.
  • Titanium — The fire sprites of aeternum were inspired by this song, along with the scene of Ilyana and Nixie’s first encounter. 
  • Scream and Shout — @nightmares06 definitely wrote a fight scene in Clash of the Hunters to this beat. 
  • Shatter Me — A favorite from Lindsey Stirling, this song inspires an entire plot planned for a future Brothers Consulted story. 
  • Through Glass — This song plays a big part in a future Brothers Lost story, to the point where the story was named after a line in the song, Epidemic of the Mannequins
  • Hold My Heart — Another song from Lindsey Stirling, this time the song is a large inspiration for the character of Moira Wainscot.
  • The Phantom of the Opera — This song absolutely inspired a scene between Celeste and another hunter, taking place in the future of Brothers Lost. The second season finale, to be specific. 
  • Sitting on a Fence — One of many songs by The Housemartins that @borrowedtimeandspace uses for inspiration for Stan Baker, who most definitely listened to the band growing up. This song in particular helped conceptualize Stan’s side of Brothers Kept.

Artwork by @ghostquack

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