The creation of knacks vs Sam’s demonic blood abilities

Looking back to where Brothers Apart first started, Sam was originally going to have the same abilities that he had in the Supernatural TV show.

What caused it to change?

A lot of the story was still developing when Home was written, and it never felt as though the precognition truly fit with borrower Sam. The other borrowers were always meant to be a parallel to the special children in the series, but this was where they started to diverge.

Demonic blood wouldn’t fit, because the curse was linked to the shrinking and Celeste. So I threw out the entire concept, redid Sam’s ability, and from Taken on, he no longer has the ability to dream the future. Now, he’s got the perception to know when someone’s looking for him, the perfect ability to help a borrower survive.

The innate strength of the borrowers, which comes from the way they grow up with angelic Grace embedded around their souls, is an important part of the borrowers, helping them survive at the size they were cursed to be. 


So many other abilities followed Sam’s knack that we had to give them an official name, and knack fit best!

Nowadays one of the best parts of coming up with a new borrower character is imagining what ability they might have!

Artwork by @torchmlp

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