The darker side of London

It’s no secret that in the London side of Brothers Apart, things are not as peachy as they seem. The black market is active with buying and selling borrowers as fancy ‘pets,’ and this has reached out to affect multiple AUs, including Brothers Apart when Sam was nearly sold off in Taken, and Brothers Consulted, where Baker Street was broken into by members of Gemini.

Brothers Kept, inspired by artwork from @wolfie180g​, is a look at this darker side of the world. If borrowers became publicly known, what would be their fate? This was an interesting topic to tackle, and Stan and Dean were the lucky pair to be thrown into it. 

This story will be darker than our usual AU, but it will also involve moments of fluff and calm for the pair while they discover more about each other. Dean considers Stan his ‘owner’ here, a complete upset of their regularly innocent relationship seen in other AUs.

Stay tuned for this AU in the future, to find out if Stan and Dean will ever get past this barrier between them to find out the truth behind the borrowers captivity!

Artwork by @wolfie180g

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