Upcoming Events

This schedule is subject to change, all updates will be announced here and at brothersapart.tumblr.com

May 21st: Voting begins for the contest winner!

May 25th: The contest winners are announced! 

June 9th: A Burglary at Baker Street ends

June 14th, 15th, 16th: A three-partBrothers Saved special posts.

June 17th to June 29th: Posting hiatus.

June 30th: There’s No Place Like Home begins posting!

Upcoming Events:

December 5th: Voting begins for the next story!

December 14th: Poll closes and the winning story is chosen!

December 17th: Tumblr burns.

December 19th: Dean of Nowhere ends.

December 20 to December 31st: Posting hiatus.

January 1st: A very special short story posts for the new year!

January 2nd:

The poll-winning story begins posting!