Contest results!

The 2020 contest has ended and the results are in!

Thanks to everyone for participating! All entrants will receive a special sneak peek at the special excerpts from last year, I will be in contact with the link, as a thanks for all the time you put into the contest.

Because is acting different from what I’m used to, your new prizes will be sent to you in their unedited form, as google docs that you can view. Older prizes will be seen in their place where I have them saved.

And now, for this year’s winners! 

Grand Prize Winner:

With a story that brought me to tears more than once, the grand prize winner of this year is

Brothers Torn Apart, by Besok!

This story is well worth the read for anyone out there who doesn’t mind a little bit of heartbreak, and I will be hoping to see a continuation of it in the future! Thanks for participating in the contest, besok, your entry was very moving!

First Place Winners:

It was incredibly hard to pick the next winner, because we got so many good entries! Even if you didn’t get the prize this year, be proud of your work!

This winner brought us those brother cutes we all know and love, so give it up for

You got a little something, by Helloootricksterr

This is just what you’d expect from Sam and Dean at any size as they get into yet another prank war!

The next winner was voted in by the readers, and by a thin margin, our winner is

Brothers Abducted, by IndigoMasquerade97

Fantastic job on the story! We all enjoyed the chance to read it!

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 11.55.16 AM

Previous unfinished entries:

Our last category was for stories that were previously unfinished, to give the authors a chance to complete their entries. In the future, I will be allowing previously unfinished stories in the main contest, so if you have an entry that you didn’t complete this year or in any other, be sure to remember that you have another chance!

For this year, our winner goes out to

Brothers Protected, by NightmareJasmine

An AU of Brothers Asunder, this story brings out Dean in a very wolfish form! Dean Wolfheart Winchester has a forest to protect and a little brother to be reunited with!

Contest update

Update 3/25/20: Big update today!

The contest will be extended through April, due to everything going on in the world, along with the fact that I am going to be out of state at the end of March. Please let me know if you have any issues with the new due date of 4/30/20!

I will have to wait until I return home to get the entries all updated. I’m loving what I’m seeing, so keep it coming!!


Brothers Apart Contest 2020

From January 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2020, there is a contest running for Brothers Apart!

All art mediums are welcome, but the art must be based off of one of the stories within the Brothers Apart Multiverse.

Literature is accepted, so feel free to enter in any story entries you want. The stipulation is if it is a multi-part story, all parts must be up by March 31st.

This year, we’ve added in a separate category for unfinished previous entries, so if you entered into the contest in a previous year and never got to finish, you are free to finish that and enter it into the contest!


  1. Must be based on the Brothers Apart multiverse. Canon brothers will not be accepted unless they are dealing with Celeste’s curse victimsand neither will the stories I have written that are not related to the AU. (An Ounce of CourageReversal of FateThe Comeback KidAfraid, ect…) 
  2. You may create an entry based on one of the various AU’s (Brothers LostBrothers Consulted, ect…) or create your own AU, but it must in some way connect to the Brothers Apart multiverse.
  3. This year there will be one contest and we’ll start with three winners (which will increase if enough interest is shown). Each contestant may submit up to two entries.
  4. There is a separate category for anyone who had a previously unfinished work in an older contest. You may have one entry for this, and still have two entries for the main contest!
  5. Everyone is welcome to enter except for @nightmares06, since I will be running the contest. 😉 That includes betas and cowriters.
  6. You may include any OCs from the stories in any artwork or writing or create your own OCs to interact with them! It’s fun to do!
  7. Each entry must be uploaded for viewing online. This is not site specific, but it must be a publicly displayed work.
  8. Please tag @brothersapart in any tumblr entries. If the entry doesn’t get reblogged to brothersapart, I might not have seen it! Let me know.
  9. For, archive of our own or other website entries, please send a message with the location of your entry to so a link to it can be displayed on tumblr for everyone to see.
  10. For the deviantart entries, send a note to nightmares06 with the entry to ensure that it is added to the contest journal. Also provide a link to the contest journal in the information section for the entry.
  11. Each entry will be displayed on the Brothers Apart tumblr, wordpress site, and on nightmares06′s deviantart homepage.
  12. If you want to change either of your entries at any time for either contest, please message me through the BA email or a note on DA.
  13. There will be three prizes! One grand prize and two first prizes!
  14. One of the first place prizes will be decided by a poll, giving everyone a chance to vote for their favorite!
  • If there are any questions, please ask through the tumblr, deviantart or email!


  • Early access to several chapters of a future story, to be determined at the end of the contest (choices will be offered depending on what has posted already, and what is written)
  • 2 sneak peeks of future Brothers Apart multiverse stories, both angst and cutes.

The Grand Prize winner will also receive a special 2000 word short story, written by nightmares06 in the Brothers Apart universe from a prompt given by the winner!

–Early access to a future story can be swapped out for a copy of Bowman of Wellwood, if anyone is interested in seeing Bowman Leafwing’s background with Jacob Andris, Bobby Loran and Chase Lisong. For this option, you must be willing to provide a mailing address to @nightmares06.

Upcoming Events

January 1st: Happy New Year! The 2020 Brothers Apart contest begins!

January 5th: Clash of the Hunters finishes posting!

January 15th: Part 3 of Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts posts.

January 16th to February 15th: Posting hiatus and vacation.

February 16th: Bobby of Far Away begins posting!

Prompt – Is That What I Think It Is?

jayadawnyvonne-art prompted:

What about a short of tiny drunk dean with big sam?

This combined with another prompt gave me the idea to write a scene like this out from the perspective of smol Dean/big Sam and also from the perspective of tol Dean/smol Sam! That way I get some practice in on the differences between Brothers Saved and Brothers Together, and we all get some cutes.

So here we have kiddo Sam, who found Bobby’s whiskey hidden in the house, and now they’re going to share!

(You can find the other half of the prompt here)

“Check it out.”

Dean looked up from where he had been fiddling with a bent paperclip to hide his boredom. He found the motion strangely relaxing, and when he eventually wore the metal down it would separate into two separate pieces.

There was a small pile of metal rods next to Dean to show how long he’d been sitting there playing around. It was a good way to entertain himself while Sam did homework.

Dean hadn’t even noticed that his younger– but much larger– brother had run out of the room for a bathroom trip, and now the kid was standing there with a small metal flask in his hand. His eyebrows climbed his forehead.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah!” Sam grinned broadly, puffing his chest out proudly. “I found this stuck between a cookbook and a book on Latin in the kitchen, and figured we can sneak it back out there before dad and Bobby get home, they’ll never know!”

Dean shoved the remains of the staples off his lap and jumped to his feet. “Pass some this way,” he urged, kicking his staples into a pile.

Twisting the cap off, Sam judged the size of the flask compared to Dean. “Think this’ll be enough?” he asked as he poured a drop into the cap and held it out.

“Perfect,” Dean said, looking into the cap as he took it from Sam. He knew it was hard for his younger but much larger brother to judge the amount of food and drink when they were sharing, which was how he ended up with a bucketful of whiskey. 

There was no way Dean would be finishing it, but he’d give it a good try.

Once Sam was sure that Dean was set, he took a sip from the flask. Then gagged. “You like this stuff?” he sputtered.

With a grin, Dean hefted up the cap and took a big gulp from it. He wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand. “You bet, gigantor!” he called up teasingly. “Good thing I’m the one with the bigger serving!”

Sam rolled his eyes, looking away from Dean for a moment before taking a deep breath and looking at the flask. It took every ounce of strength in him to take another sip, and swallow it without spitting it out.

The burning warmth of the whiskey settled pleasantly in his middle. Once he got past the bitter taste, it wasn’t a bad drink.

He just had to get used to it.

Prompts open!

Guess what?!

@nightmares06​ picked up a brand new laptop for writing!

It’s an HP chromebook I was looking at for a while now, and it went on sale for half off for a pre-Black Friday sale!

I’m looking for some short and sweet prompts to break this baby in with, so if you had any ideas, send them in!

Just remember, I’m picking and choosing what I write right now depending on what I’m inspired by, so don’t feel bad if your prompt isn’t picked.


Personalized with Supernatural swag!

The creation of an antagonist

You’re mine. And you always will be. 


Celeste, also known as Saraqael, the Watcher. She has long fallen from the grace of heaven and spends her days in disguise as a witch. With the powers of an archangel backed by the magic of a witch, she manages to foil the Winchesters at every turn. Perhaps now that they know what she truly is, they will be able to find a way to defeat her, once and for all. 

When Brothers Apart was first written, Celeste was as much of a mystery to myself as she was to anyone. She wanted to be something more than any old witch, but what? 

An archdemon? These exist in myths but the closest Supernatural has come to this lore is the Princes of hell, also known as the yellow-eyed demons. A fallen angel? This was far more alluring, and fit her character arc much better. When Brothers Consulted began, @nightmares06​ was at last able to write her origin story, which begins in a forgotten town in the old British wilds. 

There is no longer any record of that town existing, and as far as the world is concerned, they were wiped off the map. Yet the townsfolk survived, and they have made their mark on this story in ways that are yet to be seen in the stories, especially in the form of one Adriana Dena Coilltean (pronounced call-ten, thank you very much), also known as Adriana of the woods. Her legacy as the true witch of that village lives on in her descendants. 

Artwork by @thefriendlypigeon

Upcoming Events

October 23rd: A Time to Heal ends. 

October 24th: The 5th Brothers Apart anniversary! Stay tuned throughout the day for a look back at how far the story has come, and what plans there are for the future!

October 27th: Part 2 of Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts begins posting.

November 6th: Part 2 of Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts ends.

November 7th to November 16th: Posting hiatus.

November 17th: Clash of the Hunters begins posting!

*** When Clash of the Hunters finishes posting, there will be no poll. Bobby of Far Away will be the next story to post. ***

In the past of Brothers Kept…

anonymous  asked:

Given that you said borrowers had been made into pets since the 1950s in Brothers Kept, something tells me that it would all be Arrietty Clock’s fault for all the borrowers’ sucky situation in either needing to hide better or getting put into cages.

Oh, I’m absolutely certain Arriety had something to do with the state of this AU! She’s got just as much bad luck as any of the boys we have in it now, and hated what became of her people after the incident.

Perhaps one day someone can right the wrongs of this universe, but for now they struggle to even understand each other’s point of view.