Cursed Dean 2

For a long, heart-stopping moment, there was nothing but silence.

Then, it came. The most terrifying sound he could have heard.

A shifting of fabric in the motel room outside indicated the human standing. “Hello?” rumbled a curious voice from outside, making Dean shiver once with worry. The human was tall enough to see into the vent while standing if he wanted to, and if he realized what was hiding from him in there…

Dean didn’t move, simply trying to wait it out. The human would just assume he heard the motel settling, just like anyone else. No reason to check the vent, no way to see Dean in there.

No such luck.

There was a creak from the vent again. The human was moving it. He needed to get out of there, now. If he got caught by such a huge human, the largest he’d ever seen, there would be no hope of escape.

Dean went to run, and fell flat on his back. His satchel! When the grate had closed it had snagged the strap, effectively trapping the small human.

Hearing metal on the outside, Dean writhed to escape the bag. He recognized a screwdriver out there, working to reveal his hiding place to the world for all to see. He managed to twist himself out just as a beam of light fell over his surroundings.

It was opening up.

Light poured into the small space even as Dean scrambled to his feet, bolting for the end of the passage as fast as he could. There was a shout of surprise, then the opening darkened.

Dean risked a glance over his shoulder and his eyes widened at the sight of the massive hand coming right at him.

A/N: The adventures of tiny!Dean continue on! When near giants, make sure to not get your clothing or bags caught on anything as it will hinder your escape. Also, if there’s a hand coming right at you, don’t look back.

Original Ask || Part 1 || Part 2 (here)

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