Contest question

Luminous Arc said:

So it seems like I won’t be able to submit my entry on time after all. I’m really sorry for this. Will it be alright to post it after the contest and link to you all?

That’s perfectly fine!

You have a few options, of course–

Feel free to post it whenever you want, and send us a link! I’ll add it to the Fanfiction page for all to enjoy (which will be updated with the new stories from the contest soon enough as well).

Your other option is you can always hang onto it, I’ll be definitely running another contest next year. I don’t accept stories that people started posting during a contest in the following contest, but if it’s never been posted online before Jan 1, 2020 (are we really about to enter a new decade?? Wow) then it’s eligible for the new contest!

For anyone else, the contest is wrapping up on May 18th, so be sure to get your entries posted if you have them! Otherwise, we’ll have another contest running in 2020.

Kara’s adventures in Taken

anonymous asked:

Well you know how in Taken Kara was captured by Dean? Well what would happen if she was captured by someone else? And also, completely off note, I really love all of your story and am a big fan.

Well, it would depend on who was the person to catch her!

If it was one of the Mangas family, it would be a lot like pre-A Burglary at Baker Street. All of the borrowers are kept contained, and if Dean (or someone else) isn’t there to rescue them, they’re going to be shipped off for processing in London.

((Fun fact: This was my original background for Taken, but it was never touched on, and when we were coming up with ideas for Brothers Consulted, it was an obvious choice to finally expand upon.))

A friendlier human would likely help her out, at the very least get her some food! She’s always a sweet kiddo, and it’s practically against her nature to hate anyone.

Last contest extension and updates!

Hello all!

A few more people need extra time to finish up their entries, so the Brothers Apart 2019 contest will be extended one last time!

This is it, so make sure to buckle down if you’re entering!

The contest will officially end at midnight on May 18th, so mark your calendars! 

Remember, if anyone wants to submit another entry, the contest allows for (2) entries each. You can only win once, but you can enter twice to raise your chances!

In that line, because we’ve gotten a good number of entries, I have added one more prize! There will now be three first prizes, one of them chosen by a poll and the other two by myself!

The Contest Entries post has been updated with all current entries I’ve had submitted. If your entry is not on it, please message me and give me the link so I can add it. I don’t want anyone’s entry to be overlooked!

Mark’s tracker

anonymous asked:

how would removing the tracker kill mark?

Removing the tracker wouldn’t kill Mark if it was done RIGHT, the catch is, it’s set up so that if it’s tampered with wrong (like if Mark tries taking it off himself, or goes to other borrowers to get it off), it’ll self-destruct and electrocute him. Euan set this up to ensure that his little pet would always come back to him.

It’ll also kill him if Euan hits the kill switch, so Mark has to be careful that Euan never thinks he’s trying to run away.

Love for Brothers Consulted

anonymous  asked:


Aw, don’t worry! All good things must come to an end, because that means that new things will begin!

#ababs has passed its halfway point, but there’s plenty more coming! After all, we haven’t seen Stan Baker enter the story since his scene in A Briefing, and this story is his debut in the Brothers Consulted universe! Sam and Dean haven’t been reunited with Moira, who’s very worried for her crazy older brothers, and Euan and his lackeys are still out there!

Technically, the next story after Burglary is actually a continuation of this one, because there’s far too much to even wrap up in one go, so you’ll see lots of these characters still around in Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts. It’ll post between things, because it is a series of short stories that follow the characters and shows what happens between Burglary and the next big story.

The future of Brothers Saved

CatSparr asked:

I saw that you were planning to do some more work on Brothers Saved and you were asking for prompts, so… I’ve been curious to see John and Dean interact. Usually Dean stands up to him, but at his new size , would he? Could he? Would Sam step in? 

@nightmares06– Actually, there’s going to be a lot said on this subject!

The major overriding factor of how Dean grows up at this size is going to be how he deals with his family.

He’s very used to being the older brother, and therefore in charge of Sammy. Never in his life has his dad expected anything but perfection of him, and he’s taken Sam’s care to heart. Sometimes to the point where Dean suffers to make sure that Sam gets what he needs.

The fact is that John Winchester won’t consider Dean able to handle himself anymore, strictly because of his size, will certainly be a sore spot between them, and Sam will find himself stuck in the middle of them, watching his older brother who he still looks up to, suffer under their dad’s disapproval.

You can find a peek of this future here.

So you will see lots of this, I promise! I’m hoping to get through the early years of Brothers Saved soon so that we can see this develop between the three Winchesters!

Small update

So far, instead of writing out the early days of Brothers Saved, I’ve instead added to the Angst that will happen during the big fight.

Yaaay, angst.

Still open to prompts and ideas for BSaved! More asks to be answered later today! Keep an eye open for them, we’ve gotten some good questions in and will even have a few sneak peeks up!