The creation of an antagonist

You’re mine. And you always will be. 


Celeste, also known as Saraqael, the Watcher. She has long fallen from the grace of heaven and spends her days in disguise as a witch. With the powers of an archangel backed by the magic of a witch, she manages to foil the Winchesters at every turn. Perhaps now that they know what she truly is, they will be able to find a way to defeat her, once and for all. 

When Brothers Apart was first written, Celeste was as much of a mystery to myself as she was to anyone. She wanted to be something more than any old witch, but what? 

An archdemon? These exist in myths but the closest Supernatural has come to this lore is the Princes of hell, also known as the yellow-eyed demons. A fallen angel? This was far more alluring, and fit her character arc much better. When Brothers Consulted began, @nightmares06​ was at last able to write her origin story, which begins in a forgotten town in the old British wilds. 

There is no longer any record of that town existing, and as far as the world is concerned, they were wiped off the map. Yet the townsfolk survived, and they have made their mark on this story in ways that are yet to be seen in the stories, especially in the form of one Adriana Dena Coilltean (pronounced call-ten, thank you very much), also known as Adriana of the woods. Her legacy as the true witch of that village lives on in her descendants. 

Artwork by @thefriendlypigeon

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