Walt Watch

From forgettable side character to a series staple


Walt Watch, the person who dared to venture into a room where John Winchester was fighting a witch, all to save one very small child. 

Suffice to say, without Walt, Sam wouldn’t have made it far in his new life. As a small, cursed child, he needed someone to teach him survival at his new size. Walt and Mallory became his adopted parents, and sheltered him from a world that had changed in more ways than one. 

In a way, Walt is one of the luckiest characters. During the first Brothers Apart story, he was originally slated to die when Mallory was killed. The reason he came back in the end was when I was reading over the story and realized that it was never implicitly stated that he died. 

Therefore, the door was open for one of the most shocking returns for Sam, who was convinced he was looking at a ghost when Walt was waiting for him in the walls of Trails West. 

Artwork by @ghostquack

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