Update at last!

So, I have been feeling much better, and am hoping to get back to a more regular schedule with stories soon!

There will be a brief period of time upcoming in August where I will hopefully be going on vacation– AGAIN– and maybe this time I’ll actually get there and not spend it in the hospital. My parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, so I’ll be out of state to join them and the rest of the family.

Now, for more blog-centric items:

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Writing has been a little difficult for me recently, due to all these real life distractions, but @neonthebright and @borrowedtimeandspace have been wonderfully patient. We are still working on the stories, and I hope the pace will be picking up now that I’m in a better place.

As for when posting resumes, I think I am going to shoot for mid August, after I return from vacation with my family. Brothers Apart and Brothers Lost will be in the poll coming up, and hopefully we’ll also have some Consulted showing up with them!

I also bought a cool book on superstitions recently, so I’ll be reading that for possible future ideas šŸ˜‰

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, feel free to send in an ask!


The contest is complete, and I will be reviewing the entries throughout the week! Listed below are the entries I received, if you DO NOT SEE YOUR ENTRY ON THE LIST, please send me a message within the week so I can add it.


On the Shorter Side

by Misha_McCarthy

Mallory Watch

by @bellalocawherehaveyoubeen

Angry Bowman

by @bellalocawherehaveyoubeen

Post Hunt Celebration

by Jetx43682

Bacon and Cold Chills

by @neonwrite

Bacon and Cold Chills will not be included in the poll as @neonthebright has withdrawn it from consideration, but please be sure to check out the conclusion to Oscar’s heartwarming story throughout all the years we’ve had this contest running!

Again, if there are other entries I missed, please let me know.

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