I really really loved the A Little Change (the Bowman and Jacob size swap) and was wandering if you’re going to continue it? ^o^


I love that AU a lot, too! And I definitely plan to continue it and other stories like Chase In Lilliput. The explanation for why some of my projects slowed down this year can be found in this post. Now that my writing challenge is done, I plan to get back to some of those fun projects at last!


I hadn’t really thought that far ahead! I bet the Winchesters (any set, if we consider the @brothersapart multiverse) would find this just as crazy as Bowman and Jacob do. Jacob would have even more mother henning to worry about while he’s so little, regardless of how big the Winchesters are!

Inspiration can come up and bite us at the most random times, so I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

How I imagine Dean would react to a tol Bowman:


Now just imagine a smol Dean and a tol Bowman.

… it’s a good thing smol Dean doesn’t have a gun.

Forever-sass and an impotent Dean looking pissy.