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We actually received a few requests for more information on OCs through a meme on tumblr… send me a “🖊+an OC“ and I will talk about that OC

Stan Baker

Because Stan Baker wasn’t meant to be a fleshed out character, I hadn’t planned anything about him in advance. Then I started writing him and he demanded to Become. I ended up designing his character after the fact, and certain details were based on what I was really into at the time.

Around that time I met video game legend Troy Baker at a con and was instantly obsessed. He remains one of my favorite human beings to this day, and so he was on my mind a lot after I met him. His last name became Stan’s, whose first name was chosen mostly because it sounded good. This began a video game themed trend in my BAU writing, but more on that later…

Nathan Sullivan

After naming one OC after Troy Baker, known for (among many many other things) the main character from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, I figured Stan’s significant other should stick closely to this theme.

I decided to go with Naughty Dog’s other major title, Uncharted, for inspiration. The main character Nathan Drake and his gruff old partner Victor Sullivan, to be exact. My good boy Nathan Sullivan has very little in common with his namesakes, but his name makes me smile.

Kara Bolt

Kara as created just for the story setup in Taken, and I didn’t think people would actually like her very much!

My original beta reader gave me a very lukewarm reception for the character, since it was detracting from the time spent on the Winchesters, so the five chapter gap between when she first appears and when her story continues didn’t seem that big of a deal.

And then, people actually liked her and I was like well… fuk because now I had people invested in a character that was about to go MIA for half the story.

She’s come a long way since then, with the warm reception all the readers gave her, and she’s quite fond of her buddy Dean, smol or tol!

We haven’t had any sneak peeks recently, so have a bit of Kara and Dean in the future of BC!

“Dean?” Kara whispered furtively, glancing to the side to be sure she wasn’t going to wake up Sam. That was a big no-no, and she didn’t want to let anyone down, especially not after Dean got her the hook.

“Mmm?” came a sleepy mumble from the nest where Dean was buried.

“Can I go climbing?” Kara asked, her whisper an excited breath.

“Juss…” Twin green eyes peeked out at Kara. “Only if someone watches you,” he finished, closing his eyes and laying back down. “No goin’ alone.”

Kara pursed her lips, thwarted again as Dean went back to sleep.

With #eotm the only remaining title to guess (along with the new excerpts that will be posting), #a:asocs is unlocked for everyone to enjoy!

Aftermath: A Series of Consulted Shorts

(This is why we didn’t think it would be guessed XD Definitely a different style)

Short stories and small occurrences are an important part of Sherlock Holmes, and Brothers Consulted is no different! Enjoy a sneak peek at our favorite short story from within, The Borrower and the Baker!

Stan’s brow went up when a small older woman with an apron and cleaning gloves on her hands answered the door, and he put on his most charming smile, shoving his hands casually into the pockets of his dark wool coat. Unlike the black suits he and his team were encouraged to wear under Mycroft’s direct instruction, Stan was on his own time today and decided to make this visit in his street clothes.

“Afternoon,” he amicably greeted the woman he knew to be the landlady, Mrs. Hudson, even though they had never formally met. “Hope I didn’t interrupt anything, I was just hoping to speak with Mr. Holmes.”

Mrs. Hudson understood right away and let him inside, pointing him toward the stairs. He thanked her for her trouble and followed her directions, coming upon another door on the landing. It was closed, so he knocked and waited.

Sherlock Holmes answered the door after a moment, looking Stan up and down. Despite the hour, he was still in a dressing gown over an odd combination of a dress shirt and pyjama trousers. Recognizing him from their most recent adventure, the detective’s brow pinched.

“What is it?” he demanded bluntly, under the assumption that something must have happened or changed to cause Agent Baker to visit.

Stan made a move to unfasten his coat. “May I come in?”

Sherlock stepped aside, holding the door open for Stan as he entered and closing it behind him.

“Sorry for sort of barging in on you like this,” said Stan, shedding his coat and draping it over one arm, “but my team and I are in a bit of a bind and we need some advice.”

“Yes, yes, get to the point,” Sherlock grumbled impatiently.

Stan scratched at the back of his neck, a little hesitant. “Actually, sir, I was rather hoping to discuss this with Dean as well–”

Dean! ” Sherlock called to the seemingly empty room, knowing the smaller man would hear. Then he snatched a chair from the end table against the wall and placed it across from the fireplace, indicating that Stan should sit as he dropped into his own chair. Bemused, Stan did just that, laying his coat over the back of it before taking a seat, folding his hands in his lap while he waited.

They weren’t left waiting for long; it was only moments before there was movement deep in the bookshelf by John’s empty armchair.

There was very little dust left on the shelf from the time Sherlock removed all the books. This meant Dean didn’t get as messy when he passed through the crack that lead to their home. The old spiderwebs that had once draped over the area were gone as well, leaving him a clear path.

In annoyance, the little guy stormed out into plain sight. His leather jacket was hastily thrown on and his duffel bag hung askew, and he was glaring right at Sherlock when he came out into the light.

“You know, I’m right there, like two feet away,” Dean complained. “You’re gonna wake the dead one of these days, and the last thing we need to deal with is any vengeful spirits knocking on our doors along with all the rest of the problems going on.”

The sight of Stan sitting across from where Dean was standing brought him up short, not expecting anyone else in the flat. Dean scanned him up and down, evidently remembering the man from the late-night case two weeks ago. “Stan!” he called, his voice warmer than during his scolding of Sherlock. “Didn’t expect to see you droppin’ in!”

A smile broke through Stan’s bemusement regarding the situation as a whole. As strange as it was to watch the tiny man appear from the bookshelf and chastise someone so much larger than himself, it was good to see Dean again. He was the first and only tiny person Stan had ever met, and he would not forget their meeting anytime soon.

“Been a while,” Stan mused with a grin. “My team and I have been working round the clock the past few week, figured I’d stop in and give you an update.”

July 10th excerpt:

It wasn’t odd to hear movement from upstairs when John returned to Baker Street. It had been ages since Sherlock took a case, it was a miracle he’d lasted this long without breaking into one of his antsy episodes. What did catch his attention was a voice he didn’t recognize, giving a grunted exclamation every now and then.

Get back here, you li’l–! ” rang out when John reached the door, and it set every single one of his nerves on edge.

July 9th excerpt:

Cupping his hands around his mouth, Dean practiced one of his least-used abilities due to living most of his life in hiding, and threw his voice to the right. “Who ya gonna call?!”

Stan was practically flattened to the floor, one eye squinted closed to peer under the couch. He regretted allowing himself to get sidetracked long enough to let Dean find cover down there. It was much darker under there than it was under the chair, and nearly impossible to distinguish the shadows toward the back. He was hesitant to reach in when he couldn’t see Dean, but he also didn’t want to let him get away that easily.

July 8th excerpt:

“At least do me the courtesy of letting me tie my damn shoe first,” Stan quipped. With a roll of his eyes, he dropped to a knee and lifted a hand to his shoulder. This was a last second decision, mostly because he didn’t quite trust Dean to not run off on him before he was finished.

Dean was nearly bouncing on his heels while he waited on Stan’s shoulder, leaning against his neck for balance against the occasional tremor echoing up the lean arms while Stan readied himself.

“Maybe next time you’ll catch me before I get my hands on your shoelace,” Dean called challengingly. “I might just keep one as a souvenir, and you’ll never see those laces again.”

July 7th excerpt:

A smirk tugged at the corner of Stan’s mouth as Dean once again exuded that cocky air he’d gotten to know. Before he could even give it a second thought, the hand Dean had been poking swept out, catching those little bowlegs behind the knees and curling his fingers into a low awning over Dean’s head as he fell into Stan’s grasp.

“Oh, my! What have we here?” exclaimed Stan in mock surprise as he lifted his hand to his eyes to peer in at Dean. Behind his smug grin, a warm bubble of pride rose in his chest, glad to be able to do that with none of the apprehension he had before. Even if it was just to rise to Dean’s bait and tease him a bit. “You lost, mousie?”

July 6th excerpt:

With a spark of inspiration, Dean dug into his bag. There wasn’t much there that would be much use, but he only needed to distract Stan for a moment. Grabbing what paper clips he had, he quickly attached them to each other to get some heft, then wrapped the aluminum sheets he had saved up for eating with later on. It was still fairly light, but just maybe he could get Stan to look the wrong way at the right time.

Dean kicked the makeshift paper clip weight towards the back of the chair, praying it would catch Stan’s attention, then flattened himself against the ground to inch out from underneath the front of John’s chair and get to the wall he was so close to.

July 5th excerpt:

It only took a few steps for Stan to overshoot Dean, planting one foot in the smaller man’s path in his excitement. Now that he was obstructing the way, plucking Dean up should be a cinch.

But against his best efforts, that dreadful feeling crept back in, especially with Dean rapidly approaching his much larger shoe– more than large enough to crush Dean if he stopped paying attention for one second–!

Shut up! Stan chastised himself, determinedly reaching down to snatch Dean after yet another stutter.

July 4th excerpt:

“Is that the best you can do?!” Dean called over his shoulder, jumping to the side to get out of the way of grasping fingers. Stan hadn’t given himself enough room to maneuver next to the chair, and Dean was closing in on his destination.

July 3rd excerpt:

Dean kicked at the second hand that was too slow to grab him, one boot grazing Stan’s skin as he launched himself towards the small round table that stood next to John’s armchair, aiming to use the space under the legs to gain some distance.

Stan cursed under his breath as Dean evaded his grasp, hurrying to his feet to circle around the side table and chair to wait for an opening.