September 7th excerpt:

Sam was finally starting to recover on the other bed, huffing with the occasional laugh. “He’s older than you,” he snickered at Dean again.

“Older than you too!” Dean protested in annoyance.

I’m not the one that decided to start calling him kid!”

“You didn’t stop me!”

August 26th excerpt:

“How old are you, Sam?” John asked while he looked around for something to continue Sam’s path. With the kid so open with him, he allowed himself to indulge in the curious questions he hadn’t had time to ask the night before.

“Ten,” Sam answered offhandedly, distracted by his new surroundings. Then, corrected it to “Ten and a half.”

According to the timeline I was thinking of, Bowman would be about 20. Putting Jacob at 18 or 19. My characters are younger than the bros, and though Bowman doesn’t really care about age at all, it leads to a dynamic with Jacob looking up to the Winchesters (no matter what size everyone is).

January 13th excerpt:

“You know,” Sam said, getting one last thought that made him smile, “if you’re the only one that knows camping, you’ll be in charge.”

“Ha,” Jacob scoffed, a grin on his face. He turned onto his side and pulled his own section of the shirt over himself for a blanket. “That’ll be something,” he replied. Jacob, the youngest of the three, in charge.

Yes, Jacob finds Sam in both AUs. But to say that these two storylines are the same would be saying that Brothers Apart and Brothers Together are the same because Dean found Sam in both.

Brothers Found is placed in 2005 just like Brothers Apart. The storyline of these two will be similar. Sam is out in the rooms trying to find food for his family and he gets caught, only instead of Dean finding him, it’s a complete stranger, an unsuspecting, seventeen year old Jacob Andris.

Brothers Unexpected is placed in 1993, the same week of Sam’s curse. He is ten, and runs away from Walt and Mallory Watch. They can’t get to him before he gets caught by a young Jake, who is only four-going-on-five.

In other words, they are completely different plots and completely different style stories. If they were the same, we wouldn’t write them. Just like we shouldn’t write any more Brothers Together if it was the same as Brothers Apart, right?

Jacob wasn’t quite as young as poor Sam was when he shrank. He was 14 years old and already on his way to being tall, even if he wasn’t quite as tall as the then-20-year-old Sam that found him. Sam decided to take care of the kid right away, even giving up his dollhouse bed without even being asked. He knew how much it helped him with coming to terms with his new size, and he wanted to help Jacob with that, too (I know, they’re all such sweeties and really it’s deadly cute). At the time of Brothers Adopted, it’s been 3 years since Jacob was cursed.

For a reference, here’s about what Jacob looked like back then (only with brown eyes):