Oh, oh! Is it Regarding Jacob?

You nailed it on the head! #rj stands for Regarding Jacob, and these boys are about to have more than they can handle with Jacob going the way of Dean in that similar episode…

The woman merely cocked her head, emotionless as she withdrew her hand. Those cold blue eyes never flickered. “Looks like you need a lesson on who’s really in charge here,” she said calmly. “It was never Dean, bless his stubborn heart. He’s tried so many times to throw himself in my way. It’s never worked out for him.”

Muttering a few obscure words under her breath, the woman sketched an arcane symbol in the air. The blue in her eyes grew stronger and more forceful, chasing the shadows around them away. “What’s a few memories between friends?” she asked rhetorically, then plunged her hand through the air, a thumb planting on Jacob’s forehead. A spark of purple light spread from her thumb to his eyes.

The enchantment rippled from her words to his mind, taking seed and planting itself. As she withdrew her touch and stepped back, shadows rushing from the bushes to engulf her silhouette, all that could be seen as the magic took effect on Jacob was a purple reflection in his eyes, and even that was quenched.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. After tossing the paper onto the porch to get it out of the driveway this morning and watching in mute horror as it headed straight for one of my freshly potted plants, I’m going with telekinesis. It’d be a super useful knack for a borrower caught in a room needing a distraction to send a human away from a bolt hole or hiding place!

Walt can attest: Telekinesis is amazing.

The headaches are a bitch if you try to freeze a human in place though XD

What would your knack be? Let us know!

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Hey, just wondering when Garlic and Cold Spots was going to start posting. Really looking forward to the new story!

We actually just started posting it the other day, and you can find it on the following three sites (along with the rest of our full-length stories, only prompts will ever be posted to the tumblr account):

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart

We’re so glad you’re enjoying our stuff, and thanks for the message!