We won’t announce the story name when we post excerpts, and we won’t say which stories are from which AUs, but we do put a tag on each excerpt that points to the name for when the polls come out (unless it was written before we started excerpts, there’s still a few stories that were never excerpted).

If anyone is up for playing, we can always make a game of it. If anyone guesses the name of the story using the abbreviation, we’ll confirm if they got it right or not. We still won’t announce officially which AU it’s from, but you’ll have the name and be one step closer.

Which means that I can confirm that the anon who guessed that #jiw stood for Jacob in Wonderland got it right! Jacob’s going on a trip to Wonderland he’ll never forget…

A bit more on tags:

#trnt here is the abbreviation of the story the excerpt came from– later revealed to be “The Road Not Taken”

Abbreviations we’ve used and their names if announced:

The last kind of tag you’ll see is the queue tag:

All this means is it is a reblogged excerpt from 2016, you can go to the original post to find out its tags.

This has been a dissertation on tags!

Oh, I wish I had the time. Sadly, most of my time is actually consumed by either writing Brothers Apart or by work. The prompts get done when I’m frozen on my story, and I wouldn’t be able to make a complete storyline for Dean Rescues Sam between all of that.

In fact, the only reason I’ve been able to put together a complete story for Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines is because of my cowriter. Without @neonthewrite it never would have come this far. Writing together helps keep the creative ideas flowing… and of course, the prompts we get for the story! So give her some thanks for being such a huge help! 🙂