Destiel question (2)

ray7and13-blog-blog asked:

Do you think you’d ever be open to introducing Cas and if so do you ship Destiel?

I, personally, am a non-shipper, but I don’t mind anyone who wants to ship the characters in my stories with other characters!

As for Castiel, he actually already is in the stories!

If you check out Brothers Apart, Castiel appears in Brothers Apart 14: Bittersweet Parting. I don’t recommend reading it without catching up with the other stories, as it directly ties into the events that happen throughout the second season.

You can find a full list of the stories here if you needed the link.

Castiel will be seen more in Brothers Apart and a few other BA AUs, but he isn’t a majorly featured character, as these stories are focused more on the Winchesters. His part in the story is very important, but brief.

So, I assume Gabriel (as the trickster) has the same timeline awareness as Celeste and, in that case, he’s equally likely to show up in the other timelines with knowledge of what might go down?

For these AUs (this isn’t at all an ability in canon Supernatural), all archangels share the same awareness of other timelines, some stronger than others. 

Gabriel is one of the ones that has a sharp awareness of other timelines, because he likes to dabble in alternate realities on the side (The Lounge in BA, Changing Channels and Mystery Spot on Supernatural).

He will show up in other, future stories. He better just watch out if anyone recognizes the bartender in the Lounge!

Abbie Kop: I would loveee to know the extent of Castiel’s role in BA

Nightmares06: XD I can’t give too much away without it being alll spoiler, but let’s see

Nightmares06: Castiel and his host of angels has been searching for the fallen archangel, and now that they’ve found her, they mean to put a stop to her interference. He’ll show up in the series more now that he’s finally tracked down her interest in Sam and Dean

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What would have happened if Cas didn’t manage to shrunk Dean back down? Would he be forced to become Bobby’s newest resident (and even bigger bottomless bag)? And how would he and Sam interact again (some of the Lounge ideas would be good, but still, angst)? Also I can imagine Bowman’s shock when Bobby goes instead of Dean and Sam somehow explains his brother ended up more giant than ever (prompt, maybe?) ~Sassy

They’d have to get him to Bobby’s, first! They took a road trip to Rufus’s cabin for the setup, knowing she wouldn’t fall for the trick at Bobby’s place. 

He probably would have knocked down most of the cabin if Cas didn’t fix him, simply because he had no place to go, and no doors big enough to crawl out of. All scrunched in a corner, and the only reason he couldn’t try and stop Celeste himself was because of the pain he was in from his bones expanding.

((There’s a good reason the victims of her curse often are unconscious for the good part of a week after it hits. Extremely compacted, extremely fast.))

The main thing about the Lounge is, Gabriel buffered it for size different interactions. The borrowers can’t be deafened if you yell, and no one can get hurt. Sam and Dean wouldn’t have that luxury. They’d need an interpreter, at least at first, someone who can talk to each of them separately.

I’m pretty sure Bowman would be all sorts of offended if he hears Dean is more giant than his giant now. Considering how serious the problem is in Wellwood, Bobby would definitely hit the road to help.