Apias: A Port in A Storm? This is my first time guessing. I am loving the stories, even if I have the wrong title.

First time and you got it! The name is officially Any Port in a Storm, and these brothers certainly need a port to huddle in, considering the circumstances John finds them in!

When the snow started to come down, he knew they were really in trouble.

Dean glanced to the side, his gaze softening. Sam was slumped against his side, exhausted and weary. They had run for most of the day, leaving the younger kid drained and unable to keep up with his older brother for long. Dean had tried giving Sam a piggyback for a bit, but he tired as well within the hour.

We’ll just stop for a bit… get your energy back up and then we’ll find someplace safe and warm, okay?

There wasn’t much choice for them to stop. Sam couldn’t keep up, Dean couldn’t carry him, and he’d never leave his little brother behind. He’d found a bit of cover against a wall, staring at the deserted street beyond.

Occasionally, they’d pass by, and Dean could only hope that no one noticed the pair of tiny children seeking refuge.

Their escape, it seemed, came with a cost, and he didn’t know if they could last the night.