random-dragon-jtk asked:

I don’t know if this was asked but if a knack snaps could something jump start it?

They could, but anyone that tries this is going to need a lot of power. Like, archangel level power. Burnouts aren’t easy to heal because of the angel grace the knack draws power from, and if their ability to harness that power snaps, it’s going to need a lot of OOMPH to break back through.

Nixie might have enough power to manage it, she’s able to see the threads and could try and knit them back together proper, but it would be a very difficult healing compared to her normal work.

That would depend a lot on what the shenanigans were that Gabriel was up to, honestly. The snarky, smarmy archangel is probably up to trouble, and trouble of his type can really cause problems when you’re four inches or less.

Dean would probably be offended, because somehow I feel like the joke would end up being on him in BA. In BL… it’s hard to say. The series is still young.