August 25th excerpt:

“You haven’t hurt me before,” Jacob insisted. “Which, uh. Thanks, by the way. But y’know, being small doesn’t make me that fragile.”

“Dude, don’t give me that,” Dean complained, switching the way his fingers were placed to flatten Jacob’s hand out. Like this, Dean could see each individual finger. They were so thin compared to Dean, he could barely see them. If Jacob spread his hand out over Dean’s fingertip, he wouldn’t be able to cover it. That small.

Dean didn’t let his fascination keep him from caution while he looked to make sure none of the fingers (what he could see of them) were hurt, complaining all the way. “If I wasn’ so big, you woulndna got yourself in trouble. And that’s why we’re here, so we can make sure you stay safe from now on.”

December 28th excerpt:

Sherlock’s eyes narrowed at Dean as he listened. “Is that who you were chasing?” he asked, sharing none of Anita’s hesitancy.

John’s head snapped up. “Chasing?” he repeated. When did that happen?

“Who did you think I was chasing?!” Dean griped, his annoyance at Sherlock flooding back.

January 21st excerpt:

“Dean, you sure as hell know that I’m the faster one when it comes to getting around this place. You try and leave without me, I’ll just hitch a ride.”

Dean scoffed. “You wouldn’t.”

Sam’s eyes were steely. “Try me,” he repeated.

Dean Rescues Sam

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: 1993 (Dean is 14; Sam is 10)

(Part 3 of 4)

Dean tried to ignore the argument as he sullenly got ready for school, shoving an extra notebook into his backpack. It wasn’t like he was going to be in the school long enough to actually learn anything. What the hell was the point?

John glared down at his younger son, who was doing his best to stand his ground on the table. At only two and a half inches tall, a glare like that wasn’t easy to look into without flinching.

“Dad, it’s just school,” Sam protested. “How can I keep up if I stay in the motel all day?”

“It’s not safe,” John said grimly. “What if someone sees you? It’s not a risk you’re taking. You’ll be safer back here with me. When Dean gets back he can fill you in on what he learned.”

Sam rolled his eyes, knowing as well as Dean did that his older brother rarely paid attention long enough in class to soak up the lessons. John’s eyes narrowed. “Sam…”

“Fine,” Sam snapped. He kicked the pen that was left near him on the table. “I’ll stay,” he finished in a mumble.

John nodded sharply. He spotted Dean, still standing in the shadow of the bathroom. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” he snapped. The recent reveal of his younger son’s curse had left his patience thin. Dean and Sam were both treading on thin ice constantly.

Dean didn’t say a word, just swung his backpack onto his shoulders. He tried to give Sam a reassuring glance, I’ll be back soon, but Sam refused to meet his gaze. Great, Dean thought. Bad enough he had to leave the two of them alone. Worse that neither of them was happy with him.

John grabbed a set of clothing, stomping into the bathroom. “Make sure the door is locked behind you!” he shouted at Dean, paying no mind to the way Sam flinched at the loud noise.

Dean shuffled his way out of the room, trying to draw out the time until he left.

He was so withdrawn into himself that he never noticed the weight that slipped into his pocket when he passed by the table.

( Part 1 || Part 2 )

Sneak Peek!

Now that Season One of Brothers Apart is over, the boys will have more obstacles to face and will need to work together as a team like never before!

Here’s a snippet from the upcoming eighth part of BA: The Schism of Fire and Water

(Warning: words and phrases may change before the chapter this is a part of is released)

Sam realized that Dean was doing anything but sleeping. His face had the familiar stubborn cast of a person trying to ignore the world around them, instead of his usual relaxed posture. The reason he hadn’t reacted to Sam became clear when he caught sight of the earbuds in Dean’s ears.

Dean just wasn’t going to make this easy on him.

With a world-weary sigh, Sam jogged over to the bed. If Dean refused to listen to him, he’d find a way to make Dean listen, whatever it took. A brief shiver went up Sam’s back when he remembered how big Dean was, but it faded away faster this time.

Sam grabbed the edge of the bed cover, hauling himself up the sheer cliff with no need for his fishhook or line. A climbing surface like the cover offered plenty of handholds and places to grip. He was careful to stay clear of the hand that was hanging off the bed, spotting it silently twitching in time with the song Dean was listening to at the moment. He didn’t want to get knocked off the bed by accident.

Once he made it to the top of the bed Sam wasted no time in climbing up Dean himself. He felt the hunter freeze up under him the second he made contact, then smirked as Dean tried to force himself to relax and ignore Sam. You already gave yourself away, jackass. That wasn’t exactly your most subtle move. I know you’re awake and you know I’m here.

Sam jogged up Dean’s stomach, ignoring the way the uneven ground gave way beneath his feet. That was normal enough for him these days. It was hardly the first time he’d walked on Dean, though it was the first he’d been ignored while walking up. For all the good that would do Dean. Sam felt a spark of determination fill him. Dean would listen to him.

With that in mind, Sam brought his boot down on the cord of Dean’s headphones, yanking one of the buds out of his ears. Dean’s eyes flashed open before he could catch himself, an annoyed look in his stare when he caught sight of Sam standing on his chest with arms stubbornly crossed over his chest.

“Dude, you’re standing on my headphones,” Dean grumbled, the ground under Sam vibrating. The quiet sound of Smoke on the Water leaked out of the free bud.

“Yeah. That’s kind of the point,” Sam said, meeting Dean levelly in the eyes. “We need to talk.”