afin – Dean managed to save Sam from the spell, but Sam didn’t manage to rescue him before John took him away. Dean either manages to escape the hexbag or ran from Walt and Mallory. Either way he tries to ask a human for help, only to end up captured and shipped to England. He didn’t gets his hands on a paperclip, so he meets Stan either as he’s put on sale or kept in a tank by his new owner

Getting closer, but Dean never saved Sam from the curse in this one! Sam is currently MIA, with Dean having only a vague notion of where his brother is.

The rest is approaching the mark. This story is all based on a picture by @wolfie180g that we took and changed a bit to fit our idea of an angsty AU of wtf, and the world they live in isn’t the same as you’ll find in Brothers Consulted. Not by a long shot, especially for people like Dean.

Yes, Jacob finds Sam in both AUs. But to say that these two storylines are the same would be saying that Brothers Apart and Brothers Together are the same because Dean found Sam in both.

Brothers Found is placed in 2005 just like Brothers Apart. The storyline of these two will be similar. Sam is out in the rooms trying to find food for his family and he gets caught, only instead of Dean finding him, it’s a complete stranger, an unsuspecting, seventeen year old Jacob Andris.

Brothers Unexpected is placed in 1993, the same week of Sam’s curse. He is ten, and runs away from Walt and Mallory Watch. They can’t get to him before he gets caught by a young Jake, who is only four-going-on-five.

In other words, they are completely different plots and completely different style stories. If they were the same, we wouldn’t write them. Just like we shouldn’t write any more Brothers Together if it was the same as Brothers Apart, right?