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#auv stands for An Unexpected Visitor! Certainly Dean never imagined who he would find sneaking about in his room, searching for food…

He was under the bed when he heard it.

A key, probably more than half Oscar’s height, sliding into the lock on the door. Ice surged through his veins and he froze. There was nothing else he could do.

Oscar had a view of the nightstand between the two beds, beyond a forest of dustbunnies, as the door creaked open. With agonizing slowness, a piece of wood impossibly tall and heavy for someone his size swung open to admit the human checked into the room. Oscar’s legs tensed. He’d gotten himself stuck in rooms with humans in them before, but it never got easier. He was too small.

Heavy footfalls that Oscar could never miss vibrated through the floor. Same usual routine; a few steps, then the percussive click of the door shutting. Oscar held his breath and stared straight ahead.

Something crashed onto the other bed, and before Oscar could glance in that direction, the entire world around him quaked. The bed frame and the mattress it supported both released noises of protest as the human crashed onto them. Thinking quickly before he could yelp in terror, the room’s hidden occupant lifted his hands and clamped them over his mouth. Oscar stared upwards at the underside of the mattress with wide brown eyes.

For a kid barely more than two inches tall, just a step could cause a small earthquake.

Oscar was used to the feeling of humans walking around. They were always stomping about as they got ready for something or other, and Oscar tried his best to keep himself well out of their way. He was still learning the routines, though, and hadn’t expected anyone in this room for some time.

It was hard to learn these things by himself, but he didn’t have any other options. Oscar’s mom was gone and she had been for a while. He had been seven when he last saw her, and he was eight now, he was sure. It was so hard to navigate a world so big by himself.

She would have known what to do in this situation. He was under the bed with a human in the room, and he didn’t have any exits into the walls. It was safer in there by far, where he could take quiet steps and keep to himself and the humans never bothered with it. They were giant, unpredictable people in most things, but at least they could be counted on to ignore the space that Oscar called home.

He glanced across the floor, past piles of dustbunnies and the wide expanse of worn out carpet. Past the second bed and the dresser was his vent, low in the wall.

It felt so far away. Oscar lowered his trembling hands from his face and took a slow, quiet breath. At least he knew how to be quiet.

He was frightened of the human above. Oscar had found a small, stale piece of a cracker. It was probably from the previous motel guest, but if this one found out he took it, he could be mad. Then he might want to hurt Oscar, and the tiny child would be helpless.

He crept towards the edge of the bed. His wrapped feet pushed softly through the dust piles until he was just at the edge of the bed. He stared straight up.

He almost ducked back immediately at the sight of a hand draped over the side. It wasn’t moving, so he took a slow breath instead. He could do this. All he had to do was move quickly and stay out of sight. So long as the human stayed up on that bed and slept, he’d be fine.

Biting his lip to steel himself, he clutched his bag closer. Then, he bolted across the space between the beds. All he had to do was dive under the other one, and he’d have a safe place to get closer to his vent.

Halfway out, he tripped on the thick carpet fibers. Stumbling, he toppled forward and landed on his front with a quiet Oof! that sent ice up his spine.

September 7th excerpt:

An idea hit when he spotted the unused pillow sitting on his bed. Dean didn’t move much when he slept, mostly just curling into his own spot due to having to share the occasional bed with Sam. His little brother would sprawl, taking over as much of the bed as possible and usually leaving Dean with just a corner.

With that in mind, Dean walked over to the bed and lowered his hand to the pillow. Oscar would certainly have plenty of space to himself, and he wouldn’t have to worry about Dean knocking into his pillow.

September 6th excerpt:

Ignoring the bustle around him from the onset of the early dinner rush, Dean gently pressed a hand over his pocket to reassure the tiny kid within. There wasn’t much else he could do without taking the risk of Oscar being spotted, so he had to settle.

Deal left his hand there for a beat longer after he felt the tiniest little hands push against him. Before dropping his hand away, he nudged where he thought Oscar’s side was, teasing his friend to remind him he was safely out of sight.

September 5th excerpt:

Those kind of shoes make more sense now, Dean thought distractedly as he watched Oscar go. Boots like Dean’s wouldn’t be able to keep a grip on the thread as consistently as the foot wraps. Or that’s what it seemed like to Dean. He tried to imagine climbing like this and could only flinch at how easy it would be to lose grip.

September 4th excerpt:

Oscar huffed and his lips pursed in a determined pout. He could see the doubt lining Dean’s expression even as the older boy pulled the thread away to examine it. “I can! I climb all the time!” he insisted. His cheeks warmed with indignation and a drive to assure the human beyond that doubt.

September 3rd excerpt:

When Oscar was finished with his bag, Dean reached a hand forward and nudged the side of the tiny bag with a curious finger, wondering what else Oscar might have in there. He couldn’t imagine the kid could fit too much stuff in there.

Oscar flinched, let out a squeak of surprise and clutched his bag close, looking up at Dean with reddening cheeks. If he’d known he was being watched, he might not have put the food in his bag. Luckily for him, Dean didn’t look annoyed or angry with him for taking food. He had a more inquisitive expression and his focus on the little cloth bag.

September 2nd excerpt:

When Oscar finally made it to his little home in the walls and pushed his door shut, he sank to the floor in a heap. His heart was pounding again and he hid his face while he let his mind catch up to what had happened. The low lighting in the cramped main room of his home couldn’t offer a distraction, and he was alone in his thoughts like usual.

September 1st excerpt:

“But humans are always going, going, going,” Oscar argued. To make his point, he gestured to the bathroom door and then swept his hand across to indicate the exit to the outdoors. That distance, to him, was a trek of several minutes. “Humans go like that so fast.”

He watched the screen as Sonic ran along a wall. Oscar at least knew enough to recognize that it wasn’t possible for anyone to do that, but it didn’t change his thoughts much. Compared to him, humans were fast indeed. “That’s why I gotta hide.”

August 31st excerpt:

“I get scared a lot,” Oscar said, staring at the way his hands couldn’t cover one fingertip, even with his own fingers spread as far as they would go. “A-an’ I never came up on the beds before. I’m not very brave…”