March 9th excerpt:

Jacob’s eyes were drawn right back up to Dean, the definite winner of the giant contest here. Jacob could tell he was trying to move slowly to kneel closer, but even those movements were so massive and fast and alarming to watch. It really was like seeing a skyscraper kneel down to greet him. Dean’s knee hit the ground with all the grace and subtlety of an avalanche. The ground shook under Jacob and the other two, but Sam and Bowman didn’t react to the trembles.

They’d deal with it a lot like humans in the past – if it happens, it happens. They might get forewarning from televisions or humans in the area, and if they do they might be able to hitch a ride out of there. Otherwise, they’ll deal with it as it comes. Disaster hits, pick up the pieces of their lives afterwards and then life goes on.

This does mean that if a volcano goes off close by, there’s a chance the entire civilization that lives in the area might be wiped off the map.