Contest results!

Thanks to everyone for participating! All entrants will receive a special sneak peek at the special excerpts from last year, I will be in contact with the link, as a thanks for all the time you put into the contest. And now, for this years winners!

Grand Prize Winner

@wolfie180gwith Brothers Transposed entered into the tumblr contest, and The Dragon at Knights Inn in the deviantart contest!

Just one of these stories might have won on their own, but together they make a perfect storyline of fun for Sam and Dean as they travel through both body-swapping shenanigans followed up by a visit to their friend Oscar’s motel, where a certain dragon from Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights makes his first (and hopefully not last!) visit to the Brothers Apart multiverse! All these stories are accentuated by the artwork done for them by wolfie as well, and so they take the gold! A must-read for any BA fan.

Tumblr Winners

Winchesters’ Travels, by stargazer100!

Another story that brings the brothers on a journey, Winchesters’ Travels visits one of my favorite settings in g/t history with a modern upgrade! Dean gets to be Gulliver while Sam finally fits in, and these two will find their way through a politically demonic mess to help the kingdom of Lilliput before they’re sent to war with their neighbors. 

Switched, by Indigo Masquerade97!

This was a ride from start to finish! When Dean wakes up with Sam missing, and Sam wakes up in a completely unknown place, things get tense and Sam will be fighting to stay alive from the get-go! With a very diverse group of characters, I hope to learn more about them in the future :3

Deviantart Winners

New Heights by theskylarksings!

The first entry with a giant AU (with prior approval from @nightmares06), this story definitely won me over! Dean is a giant that Sam’s on the hunt for, and they have no idea who the other person is as they circle each other.

If We Don’t Talk About It, It Didn’t Happen by weeglyfeesh!

The final winner I get to choose picked a different route. We’ve got some brotherly fluff to close out my picks, and a moment Sam and Dean certainly won’t ever talk about again– but they’ll remember it to the end of their days! 

Poll Winners

Last but not least, those entrants the poll chose for winners! Before the poll was calculated, all winners were removed (along with one entrant whose entry was withdrawn from the prizes), leaving us with our poll winners!

Tumblr winner–

The AU Lounge by @paigethefiremage!

A great artwork done in honor of the creation of the relaxing AU Lounge for all the AUs to hang out together between stories, this artwork gets to take home the prize!


Deviantart winner–

Lich of Sense Triptych by @creatorofuniverses!

This art brings you on a trip through the first cowritten story in the BA multiverse, A Lich of Sense, all the way to when wolves stalked the Wellwood and Sam and Dean had only just met a certain rascally sprite! 


Winners, I’ll be in contact for you to choose your prizes! And all participants will receive a look into the future of BA!

Full list of contest entries 2017

Fanfiction Tumblr entries: 

  • Brothers Transposed
  • Winchesters’ Travels


    Fanart Tumblr entries: 

    Relax, Little Brother

    The AU Lounge

    Sunset Impala

    Fanfiction Deviantart entries:

    Burgers and Pixie Dust

    A Midnight Snack

    The Dragon at Knights Inn

    Rain, Rain Go Away

    If We Don’t Talk About It, It Didn’t Happen

    If You Give a Crow a Pastry

    New Heights

    Fanart Deviantart Entries:

    A Lich of Sense Triptych

    Part Plant

    Sam’s Spot

    Incomplete Entries: 

    Artificial Flight

    Where the Trees Grow

    Witches at Ryders’ Inn

    Where the Trees Grow #4


     Hey! The fourth part of my @brothersapart contest entry! Okay, so, I’m just gonna leave this here. My excuse is work and school and just life in general being so busy. Still not sure if I’ll be able to finish this in time, but we’ll see. If I can’t, I’ll still finish it in my own time. Enjoy!

    The last thing Mark had been expecting was for two people his size to walk into his little hideaway. Well, he says his size. The two were still a good foot taller than him, but at least that was normal. He backed away a bit, weary of the two strangers, but he couldn’t help but feel relieved to see them.

    Sam and Jacob walked in, hands up where Mark could see them, to appear non-threatening. They both knew Mark was feeling high-strung, they themselves had gone through similar feelings when they had first shrunk.

    “Hey, Mark right? It’s okay, no one is going to hurt you.” Sam tried, referring not only to the two of them, but to the two giants outside. Mark took a breath and pushed off the wall, coming a little closer.

    Keep reading

    Contest entry received by email!


    by Indigo Masquerade97

    My entry for Nightmares06’s Brothers Apart contest. On an otherwise quiet night, Dean wakes up to find his brother missing, replaced with a strange tiny who is lost and scared. Sam, meanwhile, has his own problems with that tiny’s unstable bondmate. Now they must work together to find each other, and right this wrong.

    One last contest extension! Since I know finals are happening and I aim for a level of low to no stress, you have until May 27th to get your entries finished and wrapped up! Be sure to send me a message if I don’t reblog it here!

    The Dragon at Knights Inn – wolfie180g – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]


    New Chapter is up!

    Nightmares06 made me do it!
    They just had to write a
    couple of lines in ‘Garlic and Cold Spots’, talking about dressing
    Dean up as a dragon. Just *had* to do it. Sigh, welp, here’s Dean as
    a dragon in Oscar’s hotel, The Knights Inn.
    It takes place in
    my story in chapter 31 for Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights. So
    Dean is 6 inches tall and injured. But this time, he doesn’t stay
    asleep. Soon as Sam and Bobby drift off, he’s wide awake and
    worrying. He decides to take a walk around the motel room to wear
    himself out when he sees an impossibly small person slip into the
    room through the heating vent and steals a couple of peanuts and
    M&M’s from a bag of trail mix. Dean follows the mousy guy out and
    gets stuck in the walls in a pile of plaster pinning him helplessly
    down. He fears he’s going to die in there when suddenly there’s a
    familiar face walking towards him with mousy guy in tow. It looks
    like Sam but that’s impossible. The guy is 4 inches tall and 10 years
    younger then he should be, and he doesn’t recognize his brother at

    The Dragon at Knights Inn – wolfie180g – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]