Contest Results!

Thanks to everyone for participating! All entrants will receive a special sneak peek at the special excerpts from last year, I will be in contact with the link, as a thanks for all the time you put into the contest. And now, for this year’s winners!

Grand Prize Winner

@torchmlp​ with I’m Not Letting You Go entered into the tumblr contest, and Sibling Rivalry entered into the deviantart contest!

Each of these entries was phenomenal, and I’m Not Letting You Go had me in tears, I’m pretty sure. I was a puddle during the story, and it nearly had me wanting to write something for it myself, I was so touched. Just an all-around great story, and Sam and Jacob getting into mischief is always a wonderful thing!

Tumblr Winners

Role Reversal, by goldacharmed

Swapping around Sam and Dean’s size for a case definitely throws shenanigans in the way of them getting anything done, and this was a journey I had a lot of fun going on! Thanks for the entry!

Sam’s bed, by @birvan

The first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting a craft entry, Sam now has a bed of his own! (and Jacob has a crib, but he doesn’t want to talk about that) This was a great surprise to receive, and thanks so much for the entry! Smol Dean’s gonna be a little jealous, but he’s got his whiskey to drown his sorrows in.

Deviantart Winners

Brothers Apart impression, by fujonsamy

If an artwork ever captured the essence of BA, down to the fires that took Sam and Dean’s childhood and later family, this is it. I couldn’t stop staring at it the moment I got the notification! You did so good it broke my heart! 

BA Reunited, by jetx43682

Another artwork that captures a favorite moment of mine that I only got to show in a small prompt! Sam and Dean reunited for the first time after the events in Taken, with Sam finally taking that first big step towards his big brother while fighting through some PTSD of his own that other humans caused.

Poll Winners

Last but not least, those entrants the poll chose for winners! Before the poll was calculated, all winners were removed (along with one entrant whose entry was withdrawn from the prizes by choice), leaving us with our poll winners!

Highs and Lows, by @chewbaccaaah || Helloootricksterr

Poor Sam gets hotboxed when he’s out of the room, and Dean dealing with a tiny high brother? An adventure from start to finish. I loved this story. And make sure to check out the rest of Helloootricksterr’s stories on archive, there’s always g/t fun to be had there with the Winchesters!


Fever, by Weeglyfeesh

A stressed out Dean taking care of his feverish tiny brother is a recipe for some amazing hurt and comfort, and this story did it amazingly! Thanks for participating!


Winners, I’ll be in contact for you to choose your prizes! And all participants will receive a look into the future of BA!

Predator Instinct by Wildstar_Wildheart

This is the entry for the Brothers Apart contest under the AU of Brothers Adopted. The background of the Brothers Adopted story is that Sam and Jacob were cursed by a witch and left behind on accident. 14 years after the curse Dean comes back and finds the brothers. They leave the hotel the tiny brothers were trapped in and, I forget what happened next, but this takes place after Sam and Jacob were found. So, enjoy the show! 

Contest submission by @birvan! Here we have Sam’s bed and the crib Jacob got stuck in (along with an extra-smol bed for extra-smol Jacob that I’ll be sending to @neonthebright for her teddy)

I just had to get a picture of Sam with his bed (disclaimer: Sam here is a half inch too tol to be the Sam for my stories, but it’s close! He’s even got his research books ready to go)


     Sam stirred as he heard something bump into something nearby, sleepily he turned to see his younger brother making his way through the dark with his hands outstretched in front of him. “Jacob?”
“Sorry, did I wake you?” Jacob turned, squinting at the direction of Sam’s voice, after only a couple months of being cursed his eyesight had improved significantly in the dark but it still had a long way to go.
Sam brushed Jacobs question off, instead asking his own, “What are you doing up so late?”
“I had another nightmare.” He mumbled.
“Come here.” Sam scooted over so Jacob would have room to sit with him. “Do you want to talk about it?”
     Jacob remained silent and for a moment Sam thought he had drifted off to sleep, “Not really, can I just stay here?”
“Of course, and don’t worry about the nightmares. The first few months are always the hardest.”
They sat there in a comfortable silence, both silently morning what they had lost.
Walt found them there in the morning, both leaning on each other for support in their sleep, he smiled, loving both of his sons

I would like to enter this in the contest.

Thank you for the contest submission, @max-lenning!



My entry to @nightmares06 Contest of the brave and smitten! I’m neither!


Dean Winchester was the King of Pranks and memes, but what was he weeks before finding Sam and the new Brother Jacob? The victim.


Dean moaned a bit as he got up, you live another day…unlike Sam He thought sourly. His father hammered into his brain that it was his fault that his brother died, the sad thing is that he believes it.

He walked towards the door and instantly he felt as though someone was watching him. He huffed as Bobby’s voice rang out, “Breakfast boy!”

Dean had just finished a job when Bobby called him for another about a werewolf, he ended up staying for a few days before leaving again.

He walked out and down to the kitchen for some bacon and eggs, Bobby furrowed his brows in confusion, “Going for a new look?”

Dean paused and looked at Bobby with confusion, “What?”

Bobby coughed a bit, “Not that orange or pink aren’t your colors, but why?” Dean dashed to the closest mirror, he did not scream like a teenage girl who got food dumped onto her new shoes.

His hair was bright orange with hot pink tips, after running his hand through his hair, he realized that it wasn’t permanent and he could wash it out.

He turned to Bobby, “Very funny Bobby, when did you even do this? I’m a light sleeper.”

Bobby looked set back, “I didn’t do that, also the only hair dye I own is black.” Dean huffed, “Well I think I’ll lock the door tonight!”

Bobby shrugged as Dean ate, though he had a itching suspicion that a locked door isn’t going to save his head.

====Next Day====

A yell filled the air and a strawberry blond came falling down the stairs, “How did you do this!?”

Bobby bursted into a full belly laugh, “Boy, I’m too old for those types of jokes!” A serious look came over the older man’s face before disappearing into giggles.

Dean huffed before deciding to leave for the job that day. Bobby sighed with an amused smile as his kid left with an amused and confused face.

“You know…you should tell him.”

The old hunter turned around to see a tiny person on his kitchen table, mostly human but tiny. He would call her a little, but she wasn’t.

If the kitty features can say anything about it, “You dyed his hair and let him blame me!”

She shrugged as she slowly disappeared, “Just saying.”

Bobby, unperturbed by the disappearance, “I know…I know.”