August 13th excerpt:

Under Dean’s watchful eye, Sam flopped onto his bed, and it was less than a minute before he was snoring away, arms and legs in a sprawl.

Dean shook his head. Good thing their dad had sprung for a room with two beds. He wouldn’t have a foot in his face.

July 25th excerpt:

Looking back at the nightstand, Jacob glanced over the surface skeptically. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d opted for something like that over an actual bed. Beds were huge fields of cloth and shaky terrain for him now. The chance of someone not noticing him there had gone way up.

“Nightstand oughta be fine,” he said mulishly. “So long as you don’t set the alarm or something. One of my friends turned on a radio while I was right next to the speaker and that sucked.”

March 12th excerpt:

Seeing no options on top of the bed, Jacob edged toward the side. Peering over the side was like looking down into a canyon. He’d only climbed down the blankets to the floor once before, and that was with someone nearby to catch him in case he slipped.

There was a resounding click followed by the ominous echo of a door creaking open. Jacob didn’t have any time.

He started a downward climb. It was tough, and clumsy for someone who didn’t practice climbing much at all, but his fingers fit in the weave of the blanket hanging over the side of the bed. It was like climbing down a huge, thick net.

May 30th excerpt:

It only took Dean a moment to find a good shirt for his plans. The warm blue flannel would be perfect as a bed. He stood back up from his stooped position, giving his arms a stretch. His back cracked, almost like it was lecturing him about binge watching TV.

He rubbed his hair as he walked back over to the nightstand, his eyes slowly trailing up to where he’d left Jacob. “Hope you don’t mind a shirt, I’m a little short of beds made for Tink–”

His voice cut off when he realized Jacob wasn’t standing where he’d left him. Dean’s heart froze and he instantly stared down at the ground to make sure the floor was clear. “Jacob? Where are you?”

Supernatural tradition!

But really, most low end motels aren’t going to offer different room styles to choose from. It’s often ‘take what you can get,’ and two queen-sized beds is the most common format found at motels. If you want a room with a single bed, you’ll find that most of them are going to be king sized, and you have to pay extra for that, something Dean’s not gonna do.

Plus, a part of him is always saving that second bed for the possibility that Sam will be able to use it one day. Picking rooms with a single bed feel like he’s giving up.