Currently, he’s off on a hunt and gave the brothers a timeline of about a month before he returns. He’ll be seen again.

It would be hard and ill-advised to keep secrets like Oscar’s people away from him, but they could only risk it if they knew the little guys in the walls were safe. They can’t risk Oscar’s secret lightly. Considering his son is one of them, John wouldn’t be likely to hunt them.

And if he tried, Dean would stand against him.

For this one, if Dean popped out of the room, they’d be fine. John isn’t about to start grabbing the people that his son just saved, and he already knew about the small people like Sam. So they wouldn’t be in any danger. He might be an ass, but he’s not going to hurt them.

In the AU where Dean saves him, terrifying. He woke up with no idea that anything had changed. The only redeeming factor was he was alone with Dean at first. It was for the best. Having John or even Bobby around would be too much for him to take. It could never be enough time to adjust, but at least Dean gave him time to take it all in before anyone started to question him.

In the actual Brothers Apart, very confusing. He woke up with Walt and Mallory watching over him, so concerned for this small boy they rescued. It wasn’t until he tried to run away from them and find his way back to his family that he discovered that they were telling him the truth. Walt had to haul him out of a motel room with a sleeping family in it, saving Sam’s ass. After that, there was no denying what had happened.

John got the hell out of there. He didn’t actually know that Sam was cursed and with them until probably about a half hour into the drive. He thought that the witch had taken his youngest and was gunning for his eldest. His first thought was getting Dean the hell out of that motel and out of her reach.

Dean managed to pull himself together enough to reveal what he had cupped between his hands. Poor Sam was downsized to two and a half inches. They ended up on the side of the road when John was too shocked to keep driving.

With Sam unconscious and no way for them to wake him, they drove to Bobby’s. Dean refused to leave Sam’s side. While John and Bobby were desperately searching for a cure or a curse reversal, he was there with his brother in his hands, watching over him.

When Sam woke up a week later, he and Dean were in their own room at Bobby’s, but his bed was now too big. So Dean kept him on his chest to sleep, where he could make sure Sam was safe the entire time.

Having Sam’s trust is the most important thing in the world to Dean, especially with the new change. He’ll probably be going along with shenanigans a lot from here on out, because there’s no way he’d just leave Sam high and dry with John after a fight like that. Gotta stick together!

If Dean got cursed, he’d be endlessly teased by Krissy for being afraid of heights. Sam and John would have ended up butting heads all the time, Dean was one of the only things that held them together as long as it was on the show. Dean also might have been a bit more of a ninja if he was in Sam’s room, so he wouldn’t have gotten caught the same way Sam did. But those hazel eyes and floppy hair seem so familiar… He’s going to need to scout out that room again. He just can’t get those expressive hazel eyes out of his mind.