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Dean might try to run off at first, much like Sam, but once he’s over the initial startling first impression of everything around him becoming giant, he will do his best to hide his nerves for Sam’s sake. His little brother will be fret for Dean, considering he was out cold for a week, and now he just tried to run from Sam.

As for how they’d handle it afterwards, Dean is still the older brother, and still in charge of Sam, but Sam’s going to have to learn how to defend them both. Dean will help him learn how to care for his own gun, going so far as to help Sam clean the gun. Sam’s not sure how much Dean helps, since he has to make sure to steer clear of his older brother’s tiny body, but it certainly seems to cheer him up.

Honestly, they’ll bicker just as much since Dean’s a bossy little smol, but Sam will hate if he ever accidentally startles his older brother, or god forbid, scares him.

Cursed Dean was just a prompt. It was very fun to write, but since there’s no inspiration for the story, there’s nothing in the works for it. I even have the ideas for the AU’s name (Brothers Reversed, Brothers Flipped), but again, no inspiration means no story. Currently we have five separate AU’s that we are working on with multiple ideas each, and there hasn’t been as much time to flesh out any other ideas.

For anyone who wants to check out Cursed Dean, check out the links below. Of course, prompts are open for that story, so feel free to send in ideas, or if you want to write a story based on them, go for it!

Cursed Dean:

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Aww, thank you! It’s so nice to hear that X3

Brothers Switched sounds perfect. I like that name. The only other one I had was Brothers Reversed.

I think Brothers Found would fit it great. Dean has to come in eventually… hopefully. Just depends on how it happens and if he knows/realizes who Sam is. That’s currently the most likely title for the series!

Here’s hoping someone figures out the mystery AU! I’ll have to go digging for a sneak peek if that happens.