June 28th excerpt:

“Doesn’t exactly seem safe, running around in a room like that when I don’t know you’re there.” Sam held out the silver bullet that was pinched between his fingers, his last test unless he found some iron sitting around in the motel room. “See how this feels.”

“Yeah, because this is so much better than hiding,” Jacob muttered under his breath. He leaned skeptically away from the thing Sam held out to him so he could take a safer look at it. The shiny metal reflected his skepticism back at him in a warped image. Pinched in Sam’s huge fingers, the thing could almost disappear.

It was familiar, but Jacob couldn’t immediately summon up what that shape might mean.

So far, Dean has only been knocked out and tied up with Sam around. This will come up in the future, though. Good ways for Sam to help out big bro would be carefully talking Dean through an injury if it’s too big for Sam to handle, keeping Dean from slipping into sleep when he might have a concussion, even taking a bullet out of a wound. His hands are the perfect size to slip in and grab it.

Sam hasn’t hurt Dean yet, either physically or emotionally. The closest is Dean having to see Sam afraid of him after the events of Taken. Even Sam’s hurt by those automatic reactions, he just can’t stop them.