April 14th except:

“We’ll get out of this, Sammy,” Dean promised. He spared a glance for the crack in the pocket where John’s hand entered, the long arm stretching out of sight as the man walked along. “Whatever it takes, you will not end up in another cage.”

July 21st excerpt:

Sam might have seen all this if an invisible hand hadn’t grabbed him in an unrelenting grip, tossing him heedlessly into the cage. One shoulder rammed painfully into the bars, the door slamming shut behind him and the metal melting together until there was no entrance and no door.

Trapped, with no way out.

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The last two stories in season two are going to break all the rules.

“Sam! I’m stuck!” Krissy wailed, covering her face. Tears streamed down her soft cheeks, making her face glisten.

The sound of her reedy cry woke Bree and Kara in the cage. In seconds, the two girls scrambled to their feet, open-mouthed shock on their faces at the sight of the rescue party come to save them.

And the panic of Krissy’s predicament made it so no one heard the rattling of a key in the door, but they all saw the door swing wide…

Panic ruled.

Walt shouted for Sam to get his knife out, shoving Sean behind him. Krissy was as trapped as Bree and Kara, her soft-soled shoes sealed to the sticky glue of the trap. She couldn’t even try to turn around to see who was coming in the room without taking the risk of falling onto the glue and getting it on her arms and in her hair.

And Sam…

Sam’s eyes widened as the strange human shoved his way into the room. Those dark eyes held only malice and contempt as they fell on him first, then expanding their view to all the small people on the table with him.

A shudder ran up Sam’s back, reacting to the danger they were in. This was a human who was nothing like Dean. A man who was everything Walt had ever warned him about. A killer without conscience just because they were a little different.

Danger followed the man into the room like a dark cloud, and a widening white smile graced that dark face. There was twisted enjoyment there, watching his quarry squirm. Helpless victims guarded by two tiny knives.

The other person that came into the room was only a shadow in Sam’s eyes as the man declared “See? Swarming like flies. Nothin’ to catchin’ them if you know what you’re doing.”

The shadow resolved into Dean, and his eyes locked onto Sam’s.

A New Haul


(Dean, possession)

AU: Brothers Consulted

Timeline: Eight days after cursed

“Please… we need help…”

Dean held Sam close to him, looking up at the woman with dried tears clinging to his eyelashes. Twenty-four hours. Just twenty-four hours since they’d woken up like this, and there was a small light in the dark.

He couldn’t quite remember everything. It was all a blur before waking up in the hot, humid darkness. A woman, breaking into their room and attacking them. Dean could do nothing to keep her from his little brother. She’d pinned him effortlessly to the wall, without once touching him, forcing him to watch his little brother vanish into a white light.

And then doing the same for him, the world going black as the white light surrounded him.

Now, they’d escaped from her, but nothing was the way they remembered.

Motel rooms were larger than sweeping cathedrals. A football stadium could fit on the two beds. People were giants, the remote for the TV was unmovable, and Dean was scared.

Nothing, not his dad’s training, not Bobby’s stories, nothing, could have prepared him for this.

The woman stared down at him, her eyes widening in slight surprise. Dean could see so much detail in her face, he knew the moment her pupils dilated. He could smell the sickly-sweet scent of wine on her breath when her mouth parted.

That was all the warning they got.

Her hand swept out, long fingers curling around the two tiny children. Sam cried out in surprise as Dean did his best to block her attack, but standing under four inches tall meant there was no way for him to stop her.

A fist closed harshly around them, and Sam’s cries went from surprised to pained, and then stopped.

Dean sucked in a breath as the motel room nightstand vanished under their feet, the height forgotten in the wake of worry for his brother.

What did she do to Sammy?

“Please,” Dean begged. “We just need help…”

She lifted them up, her hand opening when held in front of her eyes. There was no warmth in those eyes as she scanned every one of the brothers’ very few inches.

“Wonderful…” she breathed, that sickly smell hitting Dean in a wave. He almost retched.

Containing his reaction, Dean glared at the woman as he cradled his brother in his arms. “What did you do?” he shouted angrily, Sam’s arm limp and hanging from the socket in an unnatural position.

“Sweetie,” she said in a condescending voice, “you’re just a toy. A possession. You should remember that the next time you talk back.”

She turned from the nightstand, the long fingers curling around the two boys as she rifled through the pockets of a jacket and withdrew a phone. A red-painted fingernail winked in the light at them as it tapped out a message.

New haul. Bring cage.

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November 27th excerpt:

“Do you have any idea where you’re going?” Sherlock griped as Dean directed him across the street. Knowing every road and back-alley in London was only so much help when Sherlock was being led by a tiny man on his shoulder who hadn’t set foot outside in over a decade.

Dean rolled his eyes. “No,” he said pointedly. “The only times I’ve been outside in London, I’ve either been on your shoulder or in a cage.

Dislocated Brothers


AU: Brothers Consulted

Timeline: Eighth day after being cursed

“You dislocated his shoulder!”

The shouts might as well have fallen on deaf ears for all the good they did. Dean glared out the bars of the cage he and Sam were trapped in, wanting nothing more than to sink his silver dagger into something.


But no. They stayed stuck, with no way out and no way to find help. The woman whose rough handling had injured Sam casually thumbed through a magazine, waiting with her captives and ignoring them as though they didn’t exist.

Dean supposed he should be grateful they still even had their knives. After escaping that hexbag and finding their way to other humans, the brothers had tried to find help to reunite them with their father. Instead, they’d found capture. It had happened so fast that he never got a chance to draw his blade before he was tossed in a cage next to Sam.

Sam, who was out cold, one arm hanging unnaturally.

“Okay, Sammy,” Dean said, lowering his voice and trying to hide his desperation. “I’m gonna take care of this for you. Nice and easy, just like dad always says, right?”

Sam didn’t respond, his breathing ragged. Dean prayed the woman hadn’t hurt his brother when grabbing him from the ground. She was so big. There was no telling what kind of damage she could do to them.

Dean took hold of Sam’s arm and said a quick prayer under his breath. “One, two–“

Before saying “Three,” he quickly pulled, the arm shifting back into the socket. Sam shrieked, the ten year old’s body writhing in place as the arm took its rightful place. Dean wrapped his arms around Sam, trying to comfort the younger child while glaring at the woman outside, tears clinging to his eyelashes.

In that moment, he made a promise to Sam.

One way or the other, they’d find a way out.

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August 21st excerpt:

With one hand over the bruise forming on the back of his head and the other desperately trying to get a grasp on the wall of the cage, Logan finally snapped. “Will you quite shaking this damn thing around so much?! Jesus Christ you’re worse than the fucking city bus.”

Dean glanced down at the cage, and couldn’t help a smirk. “Hear that, Sammy? He thinks I’m worse than the bus.”

Sam shifted on his shoulder, rubbing his eyes. After all the excitement, neither of them had got much sleep that day. “Guess he’s never tried being stuck in your jeans pocket,” he grumbled tiredly. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse ride than that, and I’ve been through a lot.”

June 22nd excerpt:

“No, no, no, God, please!” Joseph begged, screaming at the top of his lungs. The rumbling voice of the thing drowned out his words but he was too panicked to truly register anything but his own shrill voice and thudding heart.

Displaced air pushed past him as the giant knelt, ready to claim its prey. Joseph felt several tears leaking out of his eyes and continued to try to pry the bars loose from each other. A shadow blocked out the sight of the moon above. Joseph looked over his shoulder and saw an enormous hand with fingers all bigger than his body reaching out to grab the top of the trap.