In BA, it actually happened a bit different. Sam’s known about Dean being leery of heights since they were kids. They used to climb trees behind Bobby’s (or rather, Sam would climb trees and Dean would have to chase him up).

It didn’t take Sam long to figure out the higher he went, the longer he got to stay up there. 

Hmm, well Sonny would probably figure Dean out pretty fast and be shocked to find Sammy. They’d both work together to make sure Sam keeps out of trouble and out of the way of the other boys, and Sam would accompany Dean to school just like in BT.

Sonny’s farm in canon happens about a month after Sam’s curse hits, so at this point they’re actually discovering Oscar. Since there’s only one kid to support, money goes further and Dean didn’t have to steal bread for food.

There were a few different inspirations. 

  • First, I always thought Bobby’s pup Rumsfeld should have survived for longer than five seconds. We get to see the pup stretched out on one of the cars in the junkyard during Season 1 Episode 22. We never see if he died or not when Meg arrived, but considering he’s never seen again, most likely after the yelp she killed him.

No Meg, no dead dog. ;w;

  • Second, Sam needs a dog. No matter what world we’re in, canon or AU, Sammy needs a pup. Hence the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Artwork commissioned from @homeiswheretheheartsare

  • Third, once the ideas for the pup started coming, they didn’t stop. It was meant to be.