May 26th excerpt:

Jacob was like a firefly caught by a kid. Except this guy was not a kid, and was dangerous in all his own ways. Jacob wasn’t even sure how high off the ground he was by now, but judging by how tall the guy was, it could be several stories up.

May 3rd excerpt:

Jacob struggled then, while they turned away from his home. He couldn’t even see it, with the way his captor held him so close to his chest. Jacob breathed quickly and shoved at the index finger nearest him to no effect. “S-somebody help me! ” he cried out, even knowing his voice was much too quiet for someone to hear. He was the easiest kidnapping victim anyone could have found.

A glance downward showed just how quickly he was being whisked away. He looked straight up, and got a view of the underside of the man’s jaw. “Take me back, man, please! W-we can work something out, just don’t do this.”

April 29th excerpt:

When light flooded into the small space again, Oscar squeaked in alarm and tried to push himself back without keeping his balance. He flopped backwards before righting himself and scooting away, one hand up to guard against the light.

He bumped into the other side of his erstwhile prison and flinched away from the fingers. A cry rose in his throat and he looked back and forth for some other way out of this mess.

He found none, and finally covered his face with his hands. The tears came in a tide along with a choked wail of fear.

“Oh no!”

July 7th excerpt:

A smirk tugged at the corner of Stan’s mouth as Dean once again exuded that cocky air he’d gotten to know. Before he could even give it a second thought, the hand Dean had been poking swept out, catching those little bowlegs behind the knees and curling his fingers into a low awning over Dean’s head as he fell into Stan’s grasp.

“Oh, my! What have we here?” exclaimed Stan in mock surprise as he lifted his hand to his eyes to peer in at Dean. Behind his smug grin, a warm bubble of pride rose in his chest, glad to be able to do that with none of the apprehension he had before. Even if it was just to rise to Dean’s bait and tease him a bit. “You lost, mousie?”


It’s not that he’s less nice, because in Dean’s mind he thinks he’s being just as good a guy as always. He just takes all decisions into his own hands, tends to do whatever he thinks is best, and won’t really take no for an answer. It’s like high-level big brothering, because here, the younger one won’t argue back with the giant that captured me

Poor Jacob. 


And therein lies one of the big differences between Sam and Jacob. While they might both seem like shy little mini-Sasquatches, Sam is far more likely than Jacob to tell someone off. Jacob doesn’t like confrontation and he will avoid it even if it means silently dealing with Dean’s well-intentioned but stifling protectiveness.

You’re 100% right about that one!

If Logan had been the one holding Bowman for that scene, there would most certainly have been an injured sprite to deal with. Dean tends to be much more fair when it comes to dealing with tiny unknowns. He probably wouldn’t approve of Logan jumping to conclusions.

Bowman would make it easy to choose his side, too. He would be absolutely devastated if something happened to his wings and he couldn’t fly. The little guy doesn’t cry often, but there would be spritely tears.

Bowman may not agree, but he’s better off with Dean any day.

Floorboards (2/2)


( For the first parts of this AU, follow these links to It Just Takes One and A New Doll )

“He got in the floor,” Noriko explained, her disappointed voice muffled by the ceiling of wood over Oscar’s head. Some boards creaked under the humans’ weight.

“Lemme guess,” her boyfriend said, amusement in his tone. “Left him up on the table? You know they’re good climbers, Nori.”

There was a sound of a playful slap on a shoulder. “Just get him out, please?”

Oscar limped faster. The floor overhead creaked and groaned as the huge human man crossed the room. If he were to glance behind, he was sure he’d see the light from the knot in the wood winking out under a massive shadow.

Oscar was over halfway across the room from there. They’d never find him once he got into the walls on the other side. He was so close.

Or so he thought.

Up ahead was a sight that made the blood rush out of Oscar’s face. Cold fear washed over him.

Wedged in between the support boards was another block of wood, perpendicular to the rest. It blocked passage further in the room, and Oscar could tell from looking at it that it’d be too heavy to push even if he didn’t have an injured ankle.

There was a smiley face scratched into it with faded ink.

A trap. The floor was a trap.

Oscar stood frozen, favoring one leg. The humans moved around above him. They were ready for him to attempt an escape. Noriko never once worried about losing track of him. Humans were more powerful and that inked smiley face bore into him while heavy footsteps approached overhead. Tears stung in his eyes.

A wrenching sound tore through the air and light burst down on him. Oscar looked up in shock and tried to throw himself backwards, out of the light, as Noriko’s boyfriend pulled a floorboard right out of its base.

Oscar’s ankle protested, and he fell. Seconds later, a hand snatched in at him, and he was pinned. The dust dug into his cheek from the pressure on his back.

Then, the powerful fingers dragged him backwards. Oscar swept through the dust until fingertips the size of his head pinched the back of his shirt. With no further warning, they yanked him upwards.

Oscar tried to curl into himself as much as he could as he soared up out of the floor in a precarious grip. The room whirled around him and the floor waited below as the man held him up.

It didn’t take long for Noriko to snatch him in a fist and wrench him away. As her hand closed around him, Oscar finally yelped in pain.

“Oh, no, baby,” Noriko cooed, whisking Oscar up towards her face. She opened her fist to cradle Oscar in both hands, and all he could see through the jostling pain was her eyes and the straight black curtain of her hair.

“Did Thomas hurt you, little sweetie?” she prompted. Oscar shuddered and tried to curl into a ball on her palm. A single finger nudged at him and forced him to uncurl again. “Tell me where you’re hurt.” There was no room for defiance in her tone.

Oscar sniffled and realized there were tears spilling from his eyes and tracking through the dust on his face. He shook all over, fear thrumming in every nerve. He really was just a little pet doll to these people. They knew he’d go for an escape and had a trap for him in there. It was all so overwhelming and he sobbed quietly.

Noriko expected an answer, so he lifted a shaky hand to brush at his eyes. His tears were grainy with dust, and his cheek stung from dragging along the ground. He met her dramatically concerned gaze and then pointed to his sprained ankle without a word.

She gasped and held him even closer so she could observe the swelling. If he wanted, Oscar could reach up and touch her face from so close. Instead, he lay down in her hands and covered his face while more sobs shook his little shoulders.

“Ohhhh my gosh,” Noriko whispered, her voice almost breaking. “Thomas, you hurt him!”

Thomas grunted noncommittally. The floorboard clattered back into place. “He coulda got that any time after he scampered off. Lease now he won’t run off so easy.”

“Oh, you’re so awful,” Noriko scolded. Oscar hiccupped. Her voice was so loud and close.

A fingertip nudged at his side and rolled him over again. Noriko took advantage of Oscar’s surprised flail to unfold his fearful curl and pin him to her palm with a thumb. She walked out of the room, looking him over with pity. Oscar held back a whimper of pain and defeat while more quiet tears came.

“Oh, sweet pea,” Noriko said quietly. “Don’t worry. Mama’s gonna get you all cleaned up and then we can put some ice on it. Gotta help you heal up right for when it’s time to meet Mina.”

Oscar shivered as Noriko reached the sink in her cluttered kitchen. That name had come up again. Mina. Oscar didn’t know who she was. Just another human.

The water turned on with a metallic squeal of the faucet, and crashed into the chrome basin of the sink. Oscar pushed other thoughts away. His focus fixed on the water as Noriko, still cradling him in one hand, moved him inexorably towards the relentless stream.

He held his breath and closed his eyes tight.

It was all he could do.

Oscar Meets Jacob (3/5)


Reading time: ~5-10 minutes


Jacob’s eyes widened. He let go of the tiny arm and his thumb released the little guy’s legs in pure surprise. The fear on that little face became more obvious just before it disappeared behind the miniature hands. The tiny person drew his knees up to his chest and curled into a protective ball, shoulders bouncing in time with his frantic sobs.

Suddenly, Jacob felt like such an ass.

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April 8th excerpt:

Bowman was unable to halt his flight, slamming right into the shadowed shape. He felt his wings go numb as the impact dazed him. Then, he started to fall. A quiet yelp of fear slipped out of his mouth as he twisted in confusion, trying to get his wings to respond and catch him.

A solid surface materialized beneath his fall, and he crashed onto ground that was warm and pliant, the texture sickeningly familiar. There was a surprised sound up above as the giant that had caught him reacted to the impact, and then the surface underneath the sprite moved.

Before the dazed sprite could even try and flutter off of the hand he’d landed on, fingers curled inwards and sealed around his slim body. Each finger was the size of his body, and there was no chance of resisting them as they closed. Even Sam couldn’t fight back against that, and he was far stronger than any sprite in the Wellwood.

February 25th excerpt:

He couldn’t help but think back to when he’d first met Dean. Or rather, when he’d first caught Dean. Jacob’s hand could close easily around the small hunter, restraining his every move and keeping him in place.

No matter how hard Dean tried, he couldn’t get away.