April 16th excerpt: 

Jacob looked up in awe. Dean’s boot alone would be impossible to see over. Hell, just the rubber sole was almost as high up as Jacob’s current stature. The towering, jean-clad leg above the boot stretched high overhead. Jacob could scarcely imagine what it’d look like to see Dean standing from a view near his feet. The thought almost gave him vertigo and Jacob had to stare at his knees for a few seconds to let the moment pass.

Unbothered by the size of the boots and the limb before him, Sam came right up to the heel and started the easy climb up to Dean’s knee. He scrambled up the towering leg, fingers easily finding purchase in the thick threads. Jacob was amazed by how quickly Sam climbed up that tower of denim. It was practically second nature to the guy after spending a year around humans. Jacob could even recall a time or two when Sam had climbed up his leg like that.

March 8th excerpt:

Jacob’s eyes were drawn straight up into a more distant sky. Dean’s face was still framed by the green and gold canopy now a world away. He was over twice as big as he’d been before. Even leaning over, his intense green eyes were higher up than they’d been. Dean was colossal compared to Jacob now, and no amount of time with Sam or Bowman beforehand could have prepared him for the shock. Dean’s very breathing created a gale high above.

February 23rd excerpt:

Bowman didn’t know which of the two to focus his incredulous look upon. Sam and Dean differed in size more than Bowman ever thought a pair of brothers could. Sam and Jacob combined hardly made an impression on Dean’s palm. They might be bulkier than any sprite Bowman knew, but they were still so small compared to Dean.

Dean, a colossal man taller than a tree sapling. He held all of the power, but he lent it to Sam by never trying to speak over him or go against what he said. Bowman thought back to the sight of that massive hand settling over the pocket after Sam and Jacob went into it, and it looked less like entrapment and more like protection as he replayed it.