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So not sure if someone ask this ,but is it possible a Little (or Borrower) would have the ability to create illusion?
Sort of like Zoroark from Pokemon ( if ur familiar of the franchise or that Pokemon)

You’re the first one to bring it up!

A borrower definitely could, but their ability would be more a mental manipulation on the person they’re making see that illusion. Actual creation of an illusion like that would be a strain on the borrower, though some of the stronger ones could pull it off with a lot of practice. Even then, it’ll end up being easy to see through if a person knows where to look, or if they put their hand through it.

Not this time, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed by another prompt I have! Ant Man may appear soon on the page 😉

In this one, it’s based only a year after the show started, so Ant Man isn’t even a gleam in the director’s eye. Though the boys certainly would have enjoyed Ant Man more than most of the movies they thought about for this little night.

Anyone else before it posts tomorrow morning?