Contest question

Luminous Arc said:

So it seems like I won’t be able to submit my entry on time after all. I’m really sorry for this. Will it be alright to post it after the contest and link to you all?

That’s perfectly fine!

You have a few options, of course–

Feel free to post it whenever you want, and send us a link! I’ll add it to the Fanfiction page for all to enjoy (which will be updated with the new stories from the contest soon enough as well).

Your other option is you can always hang onto it, I’ll be definitely running another contest next year. I don’t accept stories that people started posting during a contest in the following contest, but if it’s never been posted online before Jan 1, 2020 (are we really about to enter a new decade?? Wow) then it’s eligible for the new contest!

For anyone else, the contest is wrapping up on May 18th, so be sure to get your entries posted if you have them! Otherwise, we’ll have another contest running in 2020.

Greetings! Quick question about your contest. For a literature piece, is it alright if it only involves one or two of your OCs, and the brothers only in mention? I had an idea for a Jacob-centric entry, but I wasn’t sure if that was allowed.

That’s fine! So long as it takes part in the Brothers AUs, and it’s clear that it’s in one of those universes, feel free to use any of the OCs. Be sure to include credit for the OC’s mommy though, that way everyone knows @neonthebright created Jacob! ❤

I look forward to your story so much, and now I’m getting excited for the contest coming up! Good luck, and it’s sounding like you’ve got an awesome idea!

Multiple part stories are encouraged! Just make sure to have all up before the end, and with three months of contest time, you should (hopefully) be able to fit them all in!