It all depends on the size of the bug/spider, of course, but these brothers won’t take something like that lightly. Mosquitoes are a little easier to deal with. As far as bugs go, they’re fairly frail. One good boot, even a teeny one like Dean’s, is enough to kill it off. (Bonus – check out this animation from @ask-tinysam: here) Lucky for them, they’re less of a target next to a regular sized human who has a lot more blood to offer. That would be a bite they’d feel for a long time afterwards.

If Jacob ever, ever, twitches the brothers off his shoulders, he better be ready to catch them! And the scolding would never end for him after that. Never.

Spiders they’ll need to take out with their knives if they encounter any. Worst comes to worst, they find a way out of there without setting the spider off. Better not get stuck in any webs like Sam managed in Schism!

They will find the burrow, just like in BA, they just haven’t found it yet. Back in 1993, it was before Rumsfeld was around, so there’s no one to show Sam the way to the home of the littles near Bobby.

I’m sure Arthur and the others would love to welcome in a wee Sam, but I don’t think Dean would like his wee little bro vanishing! *Panics*

John may appear again in the stories. He’s most likely to pop up in Brothers Apart. His role in that story isn’t done yet, and the brothers still have a lot to say to him after everything that happened.

—For anyone interested in John, he isn’t my best character for writing, so he will only rarely appear.

Sam had a very difficult time coping at first. He woke up in a strange home with two strange people and the first thing he did was ask to see his family. When they couldn’t do that, he got very upset and tried to run away. Walt had to chase Sam all the way to a motel room he got himself stuck in with people staying there. It was only then that Sam could even begin to accept that his life had been flipped upside down and try to deal with his new situation. Dean and John were gone and they weren’t coming back.