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#19: “How tall would you say you are now?” With Bowman Leafwing and Jacob Andris of Bowman of Wellwood.

Sounds like those dorks, alright. It’s something of a running joke with me that Bowman finds Jacob’s height excessive (and really, who needs to be that tall anyway?).


Jacob watched Bowman wheel around in the air, brushing past new leaves and looping in tight spirals around branches. Seeing how easy he made it look and how casually happy Bowman’s face was brought Jacob a smile of his own. He’d barely known the little wood sprite for six months, but it hadn’t taken long for Bowman to show off his skills.

Jacob might tease him a lot, but in the end he was impressed. Bowman flew through the air like a fish swims through water.

“You’re falling behind, giant!” Bowman crowed from the canopy. He darted ahead, flew back towards Jacob, and then turned forward again. Jacob kept his usual walking pace, a calm contrast to Bowman’s speedy turns.

“I’m not a giant,” Jacob mock complained. “Just ‘cause I’m taller than you.” Bowman snickered and landed lightly on a branch above Jacob’s eye level. When Jacob caught up, he reached up and whipped the branch with his palm.

Bowman fluttered off with an aggravated scoff. “Hey! Giant! Don’t do that!” he groused.

“Don’t land right in my way,” Jacob shot back with a grin.

Bowman groaned, before dropping to bank in a close circle around Jacob’s head. Jacob had to stop walking to avoid a sprite smacking into his head, and Bowman snickered. “This is right in your way. That branch wasn’t, you’re just so blasted tall.”

“You got me. I’ve been getting taller in the last few months,” Jacob admitted with a sigh.

That made Bowman falter. He did an incredulous double take before swooping up to land on Jacob’s head. The light sensation of tiny boots always surprised him, but Jacob had learned not to wave the sprite off if he didn’t want to be scolded for five minutes straight.

“You’ve been growing?! What in the world for?”

“It’s not like I control it,” Jacob chuckled.

“How tall would you say you are now?”

“Hmm … about six foot four, I think. I dunno.” Jacob almost shrugged, but he had to wonder if that’d upset Bowman’s perch on his head.

Bowman paused. Then, he blurted. “That’s seventy six inches tall! How tall were you when you first showed up here?!”

Jacob saw the question coming. He glanced straight up, but couldn’t see the tiny person standing up on his head. He had a feeling he knew the reaction to come. “About six foot even, so I grew like four inches.”


Predictably, Bowman’s light weight nearly stumbled right off the top of Jacob’s head. His wings fluttered and soon he was flying along at Jacob’s eye level.

“Are you serious?” Bowman asked, stuck between awe and irritation. It was an expression that Jacob had come to recognize in his few visits since the previous summer.

“Yup. Very,” Jacob answered with an amused grin.

“That’s how tall I am! You grew an extra Bowman height – which you didn’t need, by the way – in a couple seasons!”

“It’s true. I’m sneaky like that,” Jacob quipped, laughing at the flat look Bowman gave him.

“It’s the only sneaky thing about you, giant,” he remarked, before banking up towards the canopy once more, while Jacob continued to crash through the foliage below.

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#12: “Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not dangerous, I’m just big.” with Jacob Andris of Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

Part 1

A Chance Encounter (2/2)

“Ah,” he muttered quietly, moving to hold up a placating hand. Jacob, in his curiosity, had all but trapped the tiny sprite by the rocks. She couldn’t risk slipping into the deeper waters without putting herself closer to him.

He remembered how terrified Bowman was of him when they first met. And, ruefully, he remembered how often Bowman scolded him for the simple crime of being tall. He tried to crouch down farther, but knew there was no hope for it.

“Please don’t be scared of me,” he said quietly, earnestly. His brown eyes remained fixed on the tiny aquatic woman’s shivering form. “I’m not dangerous. I’m just big.”

The shimmery little girl put her hands over her face. Jacob’s worried frown deepened. He never wanted his size to scare someone so much. With sprites, it was difficult. They were extra tiny in a world full of obstacles. Clearly, water sprites were just as skittish as wood sprites.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” he muttered, in a voice barely more than a whisper. She didn’t move. “It happens sometimes. My wood sprite friends tell me I stomp around too much. Not much I can do, I tell them. There’s a whole lotta me to carry around.”

That drew more of a reaction from her. Tiny hands, as silvery as the rest of her, slowly dropped until her widened eyes peeked up at him from behind her bangs. Jacob smiled softly and shrugged. The action caused her back fins to flinch, but she didn’t try to hide her face again.

A tiny voice mumbled at him. The girl kept her hands over her mouth, masking the words and leaving Jacob unsure of whether they were fearful, pleading, or just plain curious.

“I’m … sorry, miss,” he answerred, still muttering. “I can’t hear you very well.”

She blinked up at him before hesitantly lowering her hands. “You have wood sprite friends?”

He nodded. “Yep. My best friend is a wood sprite. His name is Bowman. The wood sprites I know all live in a different forest.”

She was still pressed against the rock, but something in her bearing relaxed. “Oh, I see,” she answered. “How … you’re so big …”

Jacob chuckled. “That’s true. Bowman tells me so, too. It was all kinda tough at first. He was really nervous and I wasn’t as calm about finding him, either,” he admitted.

“But now he’s your best friend,” she echoed, and Jacob nodded. “And you won’t … you won’t hurt me or try to catch me?”

“Miss, I will never do that,” Jacob intoned seriously. “I promise. I know sprites are people just like I am, even though they’re smaller.” Her eyes were wide and she simply stared at him. Jacob smiled again. “If I were to guess, I’d say you must be a water sprite?”

She nodded and finally stopped pressing herself into the rock behind her. Her fins rippled and she stepped forward with the water lapping around her legs and the fins growing from them.

“Y-yes, sir,” she replied. Her fins fanned a lot like the butterfly wings they seemed to mimic. “My name is Kadmianika Greyfin, sir.”

Jacob smiled in greeting, inwardly amazed by her appearance. She was so like the wood sprites and yet so different. “You don’t have to call me ‘sir’,” he told her. “I’m Jacob, and it’s really nice to meet you, Kad… Kad-mi-anika.” He had to say it slowly, but he managed to say her name correctly. She seemed pleased.

Bowman will never believe me.


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#12: “Please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not dangerous, I’m just big.” with Jacob Andris of Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

Yep, that sounds like Jacob after he became friends with Bowman. He became very aware of how big and scary he could be, especially to the sprites.

This story is the first thing that came to me with that line. So, allow me to introduce the first glimpse of my water sprites!

A Chance Encounter (½)

Jacob almost had a crick in his neck from turning it this way and that as he walked. Usually, walking among nature relaxed him. However, the scenery around him drew his eyes in every direction, and it was due in large part to the slopes that angled around him. He was Midwestern, through and through, and the mountainous region of Colorado might never cease to amaze him.

Nature hikes through relatively flat forests were one thing. Adding mountains gave him an extra challenge and took his breath away in more ways than one. The views, when he could glimpse beyond the trees, were beautiful and unlike anything he’d seen before.

He couldn’t help but think that Bowman would love it.

A stream caught his attention, and Jacob wandered nearer to watch it fall over the rocks. It burbled down a miniature waterfall before angling sharply towards a thicker copse of trees, and Jacob followed it absently.

Not long after pushing aside low branches heavy with leaves, Jacob found a shallow pool only five or six feet across. Ferns and small wildflowers lined the edges of the water, with some tall grasses braving the shallowest parts.

A shimmer of motion among some rocks piled high against one side of the pool caught his eye. It was the barest twitch, and yet he zeroed in on it immediately. Normally, he’d never have noticed it at all. But Jacob’s best friend was a wood sprite, whose leafy wings allowed him to blend in among the trees with ease. Jacob was used to paying closer attention.

He hopped down a slight drop to approach the pool, and fell to a squat next to the rocks. Most of them were no bigger than a grapefruit, but a few reached the size of basketballs.

A tiny girl was pressed against one of the bigger ones, failing to hide in the shadow of the other stones.

Jacob’s jaw dropped and he stared openly. She was like nothing he’d ever seen.

Her skin was light grey, almost blue, and it shimmered in the light from the water that lapped around her legs. Long black hair hung down her back in damp locks, while her bangs stuck to her forehead. At first, Jacob thought she was caught in a net, but he realized that she was wearing it as a shawl shirt, with a short skirt tied close around her hips.

The girl had fins. The sides of her thin little legs sported what looked like tail fins; if she held her legs together, they would take on the appearance of a mermaid. From her back sprouted four silvery fins with dark blue markings that looked remarkably like butterfly wings. With the way she pressed her back against the rocks, the fins were spread wide and displayed for Jacob to see. A water sprite! That’s gotta be…

She stared up at him, her murky eyes wide and filled with terror.

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