More on Sherlock’s knack

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I can’t stop imagining a smoll Doctor Strange! One of his manny powers is time manipulation, which includes being able to slow down time. I gotta ask, did you get Sherlock’s knack idea from there? Either way, his ability fits him well, I love it! 

Lol! While it is true that borrower Sherlock shares a lot in common with Dr. Strange, his knack actually comes right from the BBC Sherlock TV show, and how Sherlock is shown.

His ‘deduction thing’ often shows him racing ahead of the rest of the world while he figures everything out, and this is an extension of that! It took an integral part of how he thinks and allows him to project it on the rest of the world, so now he’s even faster.

Chances are, John gets slowed down a lot.

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It kind of works with the way the show is too! When Sherlock concentrates on a crime scene, he sees everything in a short amount of time. I like it! Cool!

Exactly the effect we were going for with Sherlock! He’s one of the borrowers who’s knack builds off of his own character, much like Dean and tracking. 

December 2nd excerpt:

Dean stuck his lip out in what almost looked like a pout, rebellious at the way Sherlock made sense as he talked about Dean interacting with a new human.

“If I do this,” Dean said, refusing to give in completely, “if, you better make sure he doesn’t get any ideas about grabbing me. This size might have its perks when you need to get into small spaces, but it comes with a whole mountain of disadvantages I’d rather be without. If you agree that you’ll keep him under control… I’ll do it. If only because I doubt we’ll be sneakin’ me into any more crime scenes after today otherwise.”

Of all things, being left out of Sherlock’s detective work sounded like the worse of the options.

Well, I mean–

Barely an hour had passed before Sherlock’s mobile rang, making Sherlock freeze in place and John’s head snap up to lock eyes with him. The detective whipped out the phone and checked the caller ID.

“It’s Mycroft,” he confirmed.

John’s brow arched. “That was fast–”

Dean! ” Sherlock called, cutting off John’s comment as he took long strides toward the kitchen.

Lestrade was more than a little frustrated, having drilled every single guard who’d had shifts since the day before, and all of them swore up and down that nothing had happened. None had let anyone into the crime scene for any reason since last Lestrade had been there. Storming back up the stairs, Lestrade swore that if Sherlock didn’t have a good reason for this…

Well, he didn’t know what he was gonna do, but he was sure it would come to him.

All feelings of exasperation were out the window as soon as Lestrade stormed in to find Sherlock flat on the floor near an air vent in the wall, giving him an almost feral look. He quirked an eyebrow at the detective until his gaze wandered to the small figure in front of him.

The small, shouting figure.

We totally haven’t not written this exact thing out already…

December 11th excerpt:

When nothing turned up there, Sherlock got up to repeat the process around the room. He paused, squinted and leaned over the worktop to scrutinize a minuscule smudge. There were a few tiny dots of blood, long since dried, a short distance from the book pile where the knife had been found, one of them spread thin in the vague impression of the toe of a minuscule boot.

A tiny foot kicks Sam’s knife across the surface, hard enough to cover several inches in distance.

Sherlock frowned at the image that flashed in his mind. If Sam was truly in danger from another human, why would he rid himself of his sole weapon? Unless he wasn’t alone…