Sam had a very difficult time coping at first. He woke up in a strange home with two strange people and the first thing he did was ask to see his family. When they couldn’t do that, he got very upset and tried to run away. Walt had to chase Sam all the way to a motel room he got himself stuck in with people staying there. It was only then that Sam could even begin to accept that his life had been flipped upside down and try to deal with his new situation. Dean and John were gone and they weren’t coming back.

John would be just as distraught. We saw him always ride Dean hard in the series, but at the end he lets Dean know that he wanted both brothers to have the chance to live their lives in peace. Losing Dean like this, in a moment of self-sacrifice that he’d be driven to by his father’s words… John would have just as hard a time getting past that as he’d have getting past Sam’s loss.

Hearing that Dean was still alive… he might not pick up that phone, but he’d be in tears no matter what.

While he’s too young to hunt, he’d stay at the room on his own if they knew it was safe. It isn’t long before they decide that’s not the best plan, and he starts to stick with Dean on hunts. The two brothers work together as an effortless team even with the size discrepancy.

Even after John vanishes into thin air and leaves them to fend for themselves, the world isn’t so bad as long as they stick together. After all, Dean needs someone to haul his ass out of trouble.