We need more Kara, Sean and Dean moments.

We really do!

There might not be anything currently planned in BA with these three, but that’s not the only AU around, and Kara will certainly be showing up in the future to be cute with her Dean!


Before he could step up, Kara darted past both of the men. “You forgot your hook, mister!” she called to Dean, prying it from the edge and brandishing it at him.

Dean waved at her. “How ‘bout you hang onto that for me?” he called back. “Just be sure to take good care of it.”

“I will!” she proclaimed proudly.


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September 1st excerpt:

Sam found himself sitting at attention on Dean’s shoulder, unable to relax while the thought of kids in danger besieged him. Sam could only pray they weren’t too late to help.

After a few failed attempts to make conversation, Sam fell into a topic that was bothering him the most. “So, pretty wild what we found out about Walt, right?”

Sam has a fear of kids in BA and BL both, so he would be wary and staying as far back as he could. If Jacob was unconscious close by, he would try and revive him.

Dean’s really good with kids, even the larger ones, so he’d do his best to coax the kid. They need to get out of there, and the kid is the best one to do it. I have faith Dean will be able to get them to respond to him, and maybe go find Jacob.