I was rereading brothers apart and I have to ask – where the heck is Sam’s knak?? I mean, I couldn’t find it anywhere, and he has one in all the other aus, so did I miss something? Or is there a reason for this? Course I’m really confused over here…

Nope, you didn’t miss anything!

The first stories for Brothers Apart was written quite a bit before the other stories were ever conceived of. In the beginning, the story shadowed the Supernatural storyline a lot closer, before the story really took off in its own direction.

Sam used to have the same ability from the TV show, where he got prophetic dreams. I ended up switching tracks around the time that Taken was being written, and decided to give my borrowers their own special abilities instead of paralleling the special children from season 2. 

If I remember right, you will see bits and pieces of Sam’s knack start to appear in Taken, and then it shows up fully in Adventures at Bobby’s. We started writing A Lich of Sense right after Taken, and after that all the rest of the AUs took off and Sam’s knack became official, with Dean’s shortly following.

A lot of the ideas for the knacks owe a huge thanks to my cowriters! They wouldn’t be anywhere near as developed without them, and @neonthebright is the one that came up with Dean’s knack!

These days we love brainstorming on who would have what knack if they grew up a borrower!

April 12th excerpt:

“Where’d ya find that?” Sam asked, lazily brushing a hand through his ever-lengthening hair, though John usually prevailed upon him to trim it down when it started to get in his eyes. He put off cutting it a little longer each time.

Dean shrugged. “It was right in your bag,” he said, pointing at the backpack slumped down next to the nightstand.

Sam bit his lips. “I thought I lost it weeks ago,” he admitted.

“I just… knew it was there,” Dean said, uncertain now. “I needed it.”

December 16th excerpt: 

Dean smirked, not above the chance to brag on his accomplishments. “I’m a tracker,” he said proudly, jutting his chin out. “So long as Sherlock gives me some idea what we’re searching for, I can lead him right to it. Just like I coulda told him, if he asked me, that one of his missing glasses is in the back of that cupboard pushed behind everything else, the other is mixed into his lab equipment, and the last is right above our heads.”

Pointing in time with each of his declarations, Dean indicated where all the missing cups were in the flat, and on the last, with his arm pointing overhead, he nearly stumbled over, losing his balance when the room went sideways.

Lestrade and Sherlock followed Dean’s finger in each direction he pointed. While Lestrade was confused by the final location, Sherlock narrowed his eyes at the ceiling, knowing the glass hadn’t been left on the light overhead. That left the flat upstairs as the only remaining option, the place where John Watson slept. And evidently did more than sleep.

It’s very difficult to say who would have what knack! We’ve straightened out a few of the rules for their knacks, but each persons is completely unique. Siblings normally have abilities that complement each other, just like Sam and Dean. With no sibling, Jacob’s is standalone. The closer the siblings, the more their abilities complement each other.

Mallory would likely have something that would help her see into the hearts of others, while Walt would at least *want* something to help his family. That’s a cute thought for Bree! Very Alice-in-Wonderlandish.

December 14th excerpt:

John blinked at the sudden shift in Dean’s trajectory, concern mounting as the man fell silent. He glanced at Sherlock again, whose frown deepened. “Is this– Has he ever tracked a person?

“Not to my knowledge,” muttered the detective in reply. His arms were crossed tightly over his chest and his eyes darted between Dean and John. Sherlock wouldn’t say it aloud, but he was looking to John for answers as much as John was to him. As a doctor, his expertise was more expansive than Sherlock’s from a medical standpoint. There was no telling what sorts of limits Dean’s ability held, or the toll it would take.

A New Flat

( Not related to the prompts, but a short story that I came up with while writing them )

AU: Brothers Consulted

Timeline: A year before the first story will start

“See? What’d I tell ya? It’s perfect.”

Sam frowned, glancing from side to side in the newly-discovered ‘room’ they’d taken for themselves in the wall of one of the flats on Baker Street. It was cozy and dark, some scattered beams of light slipping through cracks in the wall. Sam brushed a hand against that wall, peering out into the flat beyond.

None of the humans that called 221B Baker Street their home were around at the moment, leaving the brothers on their own to check things out. And there was plenty to see.

So many rumors dogged this place that they’d nearly heeded their adopted family’s advice and gone elsewhere. But it was so tempting.

For two brothers, raised to make a difference, the last place they’d want to end up at was a dead end, unable to help anyone. Hell, unable to help themselves.

Dean had heard of the Consulting Detective and his doctor of a flatmate, two men who did what they wanted to do– helping others, whether they saw it that way or not.

It was an irresistible temptation, and once Dean had looked in on the events at the flat, his mind was made up. The chance to hear about cases? Solving murders? Sign him up, he’d take it. Though it might not be hunting monsters with his dad the way he’d thought he’d be doing years back before his curse, it would do.

“I suppose,” Sam said slowly, his voice lowered so any possible humans in the area would never be able to hear him. “It’s not the worst…

Dean almost glowed at the assessment and jumped straight into his excited rambling, already prepared to make his case.

“If you check out over here, the wall’s nice and weak. We’ll be able to make a door just like at our old place. And back here,” Dean gestured, dragging Sam along with him, “there’s a straight shot to the kitchen counter. Whatever else they keep in there, they have to put food in the cabinets eventually, and that means we’ll be able to snitch it.” He waved over his head. “Old walls, plenty of passages and weak spots, lots of clutter in the main flat so anything we take goes unnoticed…”

Dean paused, and looked at Sam. “It’s perfect,” he reiterated hopefully.

Sam’s mouth thinned to a line as he considered it. “What about the ‘experiments?’ ” he asked quietly.

Dean’s eyes shot towards the kitchen with a slight wince. They both knew all about Sherlock Holmes and his ‘experiments.’ Far too much. Rumors abounded in the walls about the odd body parts Sherlock kept around, even going so far as to keep them in the fridge or microwave. It was right out of a horror movie, if the man got his hands on any people like that.

“We’re not gonna get caught,” Dean affirmed. “We’re some of the best around, and you know it. With your sense and my knack… we can make this work.”

Sam was caught off guard by the sudden pleading in Dean’s eyes. It wasn’t often that Dean tried turning his own puppy eyes on his younger brother, since they rarely worked so well but this time…

“Sure,” Sam sighed.

What could possibly go wrong?

November 25th excerpt:

Dean was silent for a long moment. He very rarely tried to actively use the ability. Mostly it just happened. They needed food, and he would suddenly just know where to go. Questioning it when their lives depended on the ability seemed like looking a gift horse in the mouth.

As he focused, the prickles on the back of his neck began to grow more prominent. His surroundings dropped away.

It was like he was standing next to Sam once more, trying to hurriedly clear his mind and listen to Sam’s constant litany of ‘advice’ for how to do it. 

With focus came clarity, and Dean found himself pointing before he realized his hand was moving.

Psychic freak, slipped into his mind and he angrily crushed the thought as he told Sherlock, “That way.”

He did have psychic visions in the Brothers Apart storyline, back at the beginning, but I’ve chosen to let them fade away in lieu of a different type of ability. So far, each victim of the curse exhibits their own particular knack. Sam can tell when someone’s looking at him, or searching for him. Dean can find whatever he needs. Jacob can lift many times his own weight. These begin at different ages for each character.

For the rest, there is a very specific plot that BA is following that will involve Yellow-eyes, Celeste, and John Winchester, and I can’t say much else or it’ll give away the story. Let’s just say that the demon hasn’t forgotten about Sam, and knows he’s out there.

September 25th excerpt:

The brothers both had their own ways of searching, and the room once more fell into a companionable quiet while everyone digested their food and relaxed. The case had them tense, and a moment to regroup in the safety of the room was welcome.

Sam stiffened, and then read over the passage on the screen. And again. He paced restlessly in front of the screen, sending a quick glance at Dean and glad his older brother’s knack only worked on where they were, and didn’t let him read minds.

Dean wasn’t going to like this.

In fact he does! Just like Sam, Dean and Jacob, the moment he was cursed a part of his mind was unlocked by that same curse! This will be a theme that is touched upon heavily in the as of yet, unnamed twelfth installment of Brothers Apart (the story I am currently agonizing over), and Sean’s ability will be revealed.