January 9th excerpt:

Instead of immediately going over to the drawer to check on their tiny, vulnerable victim, Dean picked up the water bottle from the table, unscrewing the top for a drink while he cooled down. “I see Sleeping Beauty decided to join us in the land of the waking,” he joked, a glimmer in his eye.

Stan fought the urge to duck down behind the face of the drawer when Dean saw him and addressed him, more embarrassed that he’d been caught staring than afraid this time. It was mesmerizing, watching muscles larger than he would ever be flex and contract in Dean’s arms, back muscles rippling like waves as he worked. Stan was hard-pressed to tear his eyes away when he had no immediate cause to fear the strength in those muscles.

“Good m-morning,” Stan replied as heat rose in his neck. He hoped that his size and Dean’s distance would hide his blush, flustered to realize that he’d been thinking of the human as handsome. Now that he wasn’t hovering and Stan had space to see all of him at once, he had to admit that he, and Sam now that he thought of it, were both objectively good-looking.

September 14th excerpt:

“But seriously,” Dean complained, still stuck on the height thing. “You gave me problems about my height when you’ve got this Sasquatch around?” He jabbed a thumb at Jacob. “He’s taller than Sam!”

Jacob frowned skeptically, but resisted the urge to say what immediately came to mind. Of course he was taller than Sam. Aside from being taller than most people, he had a significantly unfair advantage over the sprite-sized guy.

September 13th excerpt:

One giant walking in the woods makes a racket, but two is almost enough to chase even the clouds away,” Bowman groused, though there was a smirk in his eyes.

“We’ve already been over my ‘stalking’ skills, haven’t we?” Dean asked sternly, the glint in his eyes belying the serious tone he’d taken. He cracked the first grin he’d had that day, glad to see their old friend, hale and hearty despite the trials of the last few weeks. Sam and Dean had very few people they’d consider friends, and Bowman was one of the exceptions who knew and associated equally with both brothers. “Good to see ya, small fry.”