A chance meeting between Dragon!Dean and Giant!Jacob

Poor Dean thought he was pretty big and strong at 51 feet tall… till
he met a 122 ft tall teenager in the woods that’s big enough to carry
him around like a pampered pet!
Good thing Jacob is pretty mellow
about meeting a mythical fire breathing beast in the woods. He’s pretty
new to the Supernatural, and he suspects that hanging out with his own
Sam and Dean he’ll see a bit more.

Dragon!Dean grows to 51 feet in his own story, my first fanfic
Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights
and Giant!Jacob is from Bigfoots A Hoax
from @neonthewrite and @nightmares06

Shy Titans uwu

@nightmarejasmine !!!

From the ask on this post, the size difference between dragon Dean and the giant Jacob from Bigfoot’s a Hoax!

How much bigger would be Dragon!Dean would be compared to giant!Jacob

I had to get some figures from @wolfie180g for this, since Dragon!Dean is in their personal playground.

Let’s see… When Jacob’s a giant, he stands about 122 feet tall (19x his usual 6′5″). 

Dragon Dean will end up reaching about 50 feet from the ground to his head. 30 feet tall in the chest (measured like a horse). Wingtip to wingtip, he’ll have a 130 foot wingspan.

So, compared to Jacob, Dean will be quite a bit smaller. He’s more like a wolf compared to the giant.


Sam and a tired big dragon brother Dean. Dean’s the tall one now, after he’s spent some time being freakin tiny. long story!

from my fanfic series – Dragon!Dean is Still Scared of Heights

more art for the series – on my deviantart

I almost forgot how to draw my big boi! He looks slightly different every time lol – I should do a model of him sometime…

spent some time on this pic – then edited a bit in ‘paint’ because my ink pen sucks and I needed to get a finer lined one like months ago. ballpoint doesnt work so hot and felt is too big. ah well.

Will there be anymore Dragon Dean senarios? Or books?

I’m glad you liked the dragon Dean parts!

The little story there is actually a commission for @wolfie180g, and I did enjoy writing it, though I don’t have the time to return to a story like that without it being commissioned.

If you liked Dragon Dean, though, I highly recommend looking wolfie up! He’s their creation and there’s an entire series written about him, including a crossover into the Brothers Apart AUs they wrote that won this year’s contest! And some great fanart, too.

Dragon!Dean is still scared of heights 
The Dragon at Knights Inn 

Commissions are still open (and always needed with everything that’s going on here), so if anyone wants to commission a continuation for that, I’m more than willing to continue!

COM: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight (Part 2)


( First part )

Commission for @wolfie180g!

A second part to The Dragon Sleeps Tonight was requested, for the same 1200 words and bringing in dragon Dean’s Sam along with Castiel, shenanigans ensue.

For being a great customer twice now, I tossed in a few more words, bringing this chapter up to 1600, and tried to finish the story, but wow is it hard to write an entire story in 2.4k words. I lack this skill.

The Brothers Apart Sam and Dean are @nightmares06‘s, dragon Dean belongs to @wolfie180g, and the original Sam and Dean Winchester belong to the CW/Erick Kripke!

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: None

Commissions are open!

“How the hell do you misplace a fifty-foot dragon?!

Stalking angrily through the woods, trying to not think about them being lost, it wasn’t until Sam heard a gravelly “Sam…” from behind that he realized he’d spoken his thoughts out loud.

Whirling around, a keen blue-eyed gaze met his frustrated hazels. “Dean will be fine,” Cas said steadily. “He can handle himself alone for an hour. If there was anyone suspicious in the forest, Bobby and Balth would call us.”

Sam took a deep breath. Exhaled. “Dream team, those two,” he muttered, but couldn’t hide a slight smirk. “I just… hate leaving him alone so long.”

“He won’t even know we were gone,” Cas assured, resuming his walk and pushing past Sam to take the lead. “If anyone can handle himself, it’s the full-grown dragon.”

Sam huffed, shifting the bags full of meat in his arms and following behind.

“Besides,” Cas continued, “we’ll all feel better when Dean’s been fed without alerting everyone in the forest that there’s a hungry dragon about.”

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