May 25th excerpt:

Peering under the dresser where the kid had been heading, Sam scanned the floor for signs of anyone else nearby. His sharp hazel eyes couldn’t make out much among the darkness and dustbunnies, so he resolved to do a better search later. After he’d figured out what was up with this tiny kid.

Using his elbows for balance, Sam pushed himself up to a kneeling position, staring at his cupped fists.

April 26th excerpt:

“Dean! Wait!” Sam shouted. He pointed down next to the leg of the dresser. “That should work.”

That happened to be a peeling piece of the old wallpaper that covered the walls of the room. Under the curling corner at the bottom, instead of drywall, there was a blackness that almost seemed darker than night.

March 22nd excerpt:

“Really, Dean?” Sam asked, gesturing at the boots that were up on the covers.

“What are you, my mother?” Dean griped. When Sam’s bitchface didn’t relent, he rolled his eyes with a glare of his own sent Sam’s way.

Fine,” he said snippily, giving in. Jacob smirked at the back-and-forth, enjoying the normalcy to be found in the banter. He was even tempted to play devil’s advocate and point out that it wasn’t like Dean’s boots could get the old motel room covers any dirtier.

Dean pulled off the boots, one after the other, and lightly tossed them towards his duffel lying next to the dresser the television was on. “Okay, new rule. Sam doesn’t get to pick the movie,” he announced with a smirk sent in Sam’s direction.